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Weather Forecast

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This is what we are facing...the power is already out in parts of the city. So we await it as well. If I am away for a bit it's because our power is out. Fingers crossed, as always. We are not being missed by this one.

From Environment Canada:
"Winds gusting to 90 km/h are expected tonight through Wednesday.This is a warning that potentially damaging winds are expected in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements...Total snowfall amounts in the 15 to 25 centimetre range are likely along the atlantic coast of Nova Scotia with lesser amounts to the north and west. Parts of eastern Cape Breton could see as much as 25 to 35 centimetres before the snow ends Wednesday evening.Strong winds also accompany this system giving reduced visibility in blowing snow. ...A run of high astronomical tides along the atlantic coast of Nova Scotia and in the mouth of the Bay of Fundy will be further evelated on the high tides Wednesday morning by a storm surge due to the intense storm at sea. Exposed areas along the atlantic coast of Nova Scotia and southeastern Cape Breton will also be exposed to very rough wave conditions at the shoreline with heavy pounding surf. The combination of high waves and elevated water levels could lead to flooding in places along the shoreline. Additionally some coastal erosion and coastal infrastructure damage is possible. In bays and harbours sheltered from the waves...The water levels will seem unusually high but less threatening although some minor flooding there is still possible."

Written by Cathy

You've got Mail...

Monday, January 30, 2006

Thank You, Chloe, my dear friend. Mr.C arrived with a package in his arms, which included a cd of music to listen to at work and a globe photo clip holder. I put your favourite picture of the babe in it. Hugs from Auntie Chloe in Greece.

I was home with the boys today and we decided to go out and see if we could sled in 10 cm of snow. Tomorrow shall bring more, as there is still a heavy snowfall warning. We shall see...

Written by Cathy

Good Monday to Ya'

Late yesterday afternoon we decided to go to the waterfront for a walk and for dinner. It was absolutely freezing, so while Mr.C. and our older son spent time at the playground, I went to the coffee shop with the babe (the one I worked in eons ago!)

A little bit of window shopping in Historic Properties. My favourite store, do you know why?...

Dinner at Salty's...

I have loads of meetings scheduled for tomorrow. These are the ones I had cancelled from last Thursday because of the supposed snow storm, which didn't come. Now we are supposed to have a storm tomorrow. Sheesh. And here I sit, putting my Chapter outlines together for the book on weather. The irony. Both boys are sleeping right now; a first! Half way throught the day...I am expecting my older son to come down with some terrible disease any day now; we were at the store the other day and while waiting in the line-up I turn around and see him running his tongue along the hand rail. Back and forth, back and forth; I'm sure it made a nice smooth feeling on his tongue, but I had visions of the germs from people's hands sliding straight into his mouth. The horrors...from a mother who carries jugs of anti-bacterial hand gel in her purse. What's the use?...

Written by Cathy

Memes and Babies...

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I have seen this tag going
around and had not
been hit, but got it last night,
from Cherie,
so here’s my 4x4…

Four jobs you have had in your life

-shoe store sales clerk
-coffee shop waitress/clerk
-dry cleaner cashier (lasted all of one shift)

Now I am an associate professor, really it’s true.

Four Movies you could watch over and over

This is hard for me; I never have time to watch movies and so when I do, I am not interested in watching ones I’ve seen before. The only exception I can think of is Christmastime. If I had to be hard pressed, I would choose:

-The Sound of Music
-Breakfast at Tiffany’s
-It's a Wonderful Life
-Miracle on 34th Street

Four places you have lived

-Sept-Isles, Quebec
-Waterloo, Ontario
-Yorkton, Saskatchewan
-Bielefeld, Germany

Four TV shows you love to watch

-Law and Order, SVU
-Friends (still)
-Larry King Live

Four places you have been on vacation

-Zermatt, Switzerland
-Fez, Morocco
-All over New England, USA
-London, England

Four websites you visit daily

-CBC News
-Environment Canada’s weather
-Arts and Letters Daily
-Globe & Mail

Four favourite Foods

-red licorice
-barbequed steak
-french onion soup
-potato skins with melted cheese

Four places you would rather be right now


Four bloggers you are tagging

Any four who choose to do so….

And on another topic, one of my friends just had a baby girl last week. Please go and say hello and congratulations to Vani, who welcomes Isabelle Nancy, her third girl!

Written by Cathy

What did you do today?

Saturday, January 28, 2006

We went for a bike ride this afternoon (well, sort of). It's hard to not get distracted when you are surrounded by the ocean, woods, lakes and ponds. We bought a new bike helmet today so it had to be tried out. The temperature took a dramatic swing to the positive and so today was back to spring again. No babysitter tonight. No evening out. Maybe next weekend. So I leave you this Saturday night with some photos taken from our trek....and another Valentine craft for you to try. I'll post the supply list if you'd like.

Lobster traps on the wharf on our road. They've been pulled in because the local season is over.

I love how the setting sun hit the grass outside our house.

Valentines with candy...mmmmm. xoxoxo

Written by Cathy

Ich Liebe Euch Alle

Friday, January 27, 2006

Well we didn't manage to get any baking done, but we spent the morning working on crafty Valentines for my son's friends and some decorations for our windows. Don't let the clear weather fool you, it was -25 degrees C with the wind chill today. Needless to say, we also never left the house. Finding blog time has been getting more and more difficult with working now and my son's computer game fetish occupying the computer time as well as, well, life... I decided to clean my son's bedroom today and he was keen to assist. The assistance lasted long enough to haul everything out of the closet and drawers and then I found myself abandoned in the heap. I didn't think to take a photo, I was too busy thinking about Valentine photos and photos of anything pinkish or red. I am rushing ahead to thoughts of Spring, with the cleaning and the tulips.
Tomorrow will be a day full of errands and swimming lessons, playing and more playing. I might even try to find a babysitter for the night so Mr.C. and I can go to a movie. Any takers :)?...

Written by Cathy

You play the bad guy, I'll play the good guy

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am up to my ears in research and writing. It is great work, interesting and fulfilling. Time is eluding me, however. I really only have a few productive hours each day, if that. Such is the dynamics of the balance of life. I will not complain. There are yield signs and detours all over the place. Today's was a fight which ended up taking most of the day to sort out. Ridiculous. There is no need to attempt to explain, because this defies words, defies explanation. You can try and analyze but it is beyond even that. Don't even bother.

So tomorrow I look forward to baking and making home-made Valentines, cuddles with the babe and games by the fire.

Talk Soon, Friends.

Written by Cathy


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Environment Canada just changed the forecast and there is no longer a heavy snowfall warning. What a let-down. I was psychologically prepared for a snow day and had cancelled meetings for tomorrow, had a day of sledding and home with the family all thought out. Now it will likely be 4 cm of slushy muck and it will be grey and we'll have to slog in to work...so much for the cozy day at home. We still might have high winds, so there is a possibility that the power could still go out. We are prepared for that, with flashlights and lanterns strategically placed around the house just in case. It was only a week ago that this is what I was walking around in, in Quebec City...
Would you wish for a snow day or a fair weather day?

Written by Cathy

Weather Warnings

We are expecting a severe winter storm tonight. 20-40 cm of snow and 100km/hr winds. This can only mean one thing; our power will go out. If you don't hear from me after this everning, you know we are in a snow drift with no heat, and are not able to get to work or school. (well, actually, we will be very prepared and would most likely have the fireplace on and be playing boardgames by candle light...)

I am currently making calls to cancel meetings I had scheduled for tomorrow and going through the storm preparedness plans. Seriously, now this is the Canadian winter I know.

Take Care Friends.

Written by Cathy

Awake, oh Nation in Mourning

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I can ponder how we got here, but I know the answer. The vote was a reactionary one, to the unfortunate scandal of the liberals. Like the U.S. reaction to Clinton, now look what has become of them. It may be temporary, and we can try and console ourselves with the fact that it is a minority government and our Senate is still Liberal, but I fear that once a change, how slow and slight it may initally be, the change, itself, is bad, a wind of evil intent has just blown in with the cold. I feel the dark curtain, our nation, the envy of civilized nations, has put a man in power in reaction to another. To the core, Canadains still hold the same values of acceptance and social responsibility that we held yesterday, we still want to preserve our health care and advance higher education, be an open and accepting society that does not engage or participate in unprovoked attacks on other nations. We are peacekeepers, friends of the environment and foremost friends of the world. What will the winds of change bring, how calm or strong might they be?...wait and see. But not too complacent, hold these fools accountable. My voice will be heard. I will not sit and watch. You will be watched very closely by this young Canadian, Mr.Harper. Don't fuck up our country.

Written by Cathy

Spin, spin, spin...

Monday, January 23, 2006

I am a very political person, although you would never know this from the posts I make here. I intended for this blog to initially be a place where I could relieve a little steam, usually in response to something occuring in the United States. Today I voted and later tonight we may find ourselves here in Canada with a Conservative Government. I am a Liberal, borderline NDP, but as far away from the Conservative platform as one can get. There is a lengthy explanation for how our country has come to this. I can explain in a condensed version if you would like, but if you read the CBC, you'll get everything you need there. I will stay up to the wee hours and wait and see. Perhaps there will be some form of divine intervention and Stephen Harper will not be the next Prime Minister of Canada. I am having a very difficult time typing this. I am very passionate about how far Canada has come, and I am worried about where it might go under a Conservative leadership. If they do get in, I am consoled only by history, and the fact that every time the Conservatives have gotten in, they rather quickly mess things up and the Liberals are quickly back in again. Because it will be several hours yet before polls close on the west coast, there are to be no election results from polling stations officially announced until 11:00 AST. I will be too tired and most likely supremely unhappy to blog by then. If I do, it will only be to say YAHOO, if there has been a happy result. I have said many times over that if our country goes the way of the United States, I will leave. And I mean that. Yes, I do, oh yes, I do. Harper, you shit, SHIT faced SHIT! Your spin worked, I can not stand your smug political obnoxious face. Won't you and Bush make a lovely smug pair. Spin spin spin, but Canadians are smart; enjoy the journey while you're on the trip, because it will be over rather quickly.

Written by Cathy

Make A Wish

Sunday, January 22, 2006

So I am home again with the people I hold most dear. And we had a birthday dinner tonight. I refuse to dwell on certain things, because my life is emersed in supreme joy and happiness. I do have one question, however... Can slovenly inconsiderate reasoning be masked in the veil of being busy, or is this simply a poor excuse? I am just curious. Mr.C. loved the well wishes and the beautiful card. So considerate. So thoughtful. Yes, very thoughtful of you, after all...
I promise not to speak in riddles, not too often. Perhaps you'll even understand. Tell me what you think.

I know that I am whole and my heart bursts when I am with you three.

I hope you have a good week, my friends.

Written by Cathy

Quebec, je me souviens...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My plane was cancelled, due to poor weather conditions. I told the agent to get me to Quebec City any route possible. I had to be there for 1:00 pm. There was only one Air Canada plane leaving Halifax before noon, and it was going to Ottawa. I took it and then got a flight to Montreal via Ottawa, and finally Quebec City via Montreal. This is the plane that took me to Quebec City. We landed on a very icey runway and the plane swerved a suspiciously long distance past the small airport. I arrived at noon and then was picked up by a driver to go the 45 minutes to Mont Saint-Anne, to the awaiting book reps. I had two minutes to brush off the snow from my head and stomp the slush off my boots, and then the power point presentation pitch. I work best under pressure. I talked about my co-authored textbook, and it went an hour. How much longer shall I go on? As long as you need, I am told. There are questions, many questions and a friendly discussion. We have a short break and then I am asked to present my new concept. I shall not be writing specific details here, but it will deal with weather and it will be published in two formats; one for an academic audience and the other in trade paperback format for the general public. I have a managing editor, a publisher that is keen and leading in this field and I am thrilled beyond words. For this to occur in the second week of my sabbatical is more than unbelievable.

I had a blissful two days, including the best massage I have had in my life, pampered beyond belief and back home again to my wonderful family. Quebec City is beautiful. I've decided that we must go there for a family vacation this summer.

A toast to:
  • great friends
  • good company
  • life's unexpected travels
  • exciting days ahead

Written by Cathy

Happy Birthday Mr.C.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy 36th Birthday!
We will celebrate this weekend.
I love you.
And fear not, this fellow is also 36. You both look great.
Friends, I will talk to you soon. I am off to Quebec. Wish me luck.

Written by Cathy

Hello Again

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hats should be worn outdoors or in dim lighting.
Live and learn.
I absolutely love hats, and will be posting more photos in future posts.
The last time I was in England, I decided that I wanted to buy a fancy British hat and take it as a carry-on in a fancy hat box. I had visions of attending some special event back here in Canada and showing off my "special hat from Britian". I went into about a dozen hat shops and searched and searched for the perfect one. You know the kind; you've seen Royal Weddings; the outlandish things these people wear. Who the hell did I think I was? And where the hell did I think I would wear one of those? I came to my senses (only because I quickly realised that I couldn't afford one) and aborted the idea. I then realised that people wouldn't be envious, they'd think I was nuts.
I own many hats. Or should I say tuques (refer to my profile description)! :)

Written by Cathy

Merci, Heidi!

My very kind and considerate friend, Heidi
sent me a package from the recent United Nations Conference on Climate Change, held in Montreal. Among the items were a nice canvas bag, hat and scarf, pin and many useful work related items. Thank You!
I have known for months now just how important this blog is to me and how important my friendships are. That was even more apparent this morning, when my blog had disappeared from the internet. Poof. Gone. I freaked out. Would you have done the same? I won't ask you if you think I'm crazy, because frankly, it doesn't matter. If this is crazy, then that's just fine with me :)

Written by Cathy

Welcome Back Winter

Monday, January 16, 2006

Oh, snow. Hello again. But just a dusting.
My brain is on numb right now.
I am in such a happy place in life. Really.
I am numb with happiness.
I've got to remember this more often.
I have the world's three best
looking out for me.
The first part of this week will fly by,
and then I will be away for the end of it.
This trip shall be brief but interesting,
and I will share the highs and lows with you.

Written by Cathy

Summer Today, Winter Tomorrow, Spring The Day After

Sunday, January 15, 2006

All of this weather talk would normally be a great thing for me, especially nearly on the eve of a meeting with publishers to discuss writing a book on the topic. To the contrary. It is annoying as hell to get used to one temperature only for it to change to another the next day. Plus 13 today and minus 8 tomorrow. My wardrobe can not keep up. Spring jacket one day, sweater the next, tomorrow a parka.
In celebration of our official "Summer in January in Canada" day, we had a bbq for dinner tonight and strawberries and watermelon. My son asked me if winter was over. Did we sleep through the snow part of it? He is confused. The whole country is confused. The nation is consumed (more than usual) with talk of the weather, and I am no better. We are about to elect our next Prime Minister and all the country can do is worry about the weather. The weather will come and go tomorrow. The moron we might elect we could be stuck with for awhile. I start to sweat when I even entertain the thought that we could end up with a Conservative government. I've told MR.C that we're moving to New Zealand if it happens. I'll certainly be writing more about this in the days ahead.
On another topic, I've been going iTunes crazy lately and have compiled an all-Canadian soundtrack for my blog, following on the heels of my good friends Chloe and Stephanie. If you would like one, let me know and I can see what I can do. Otherwise, I can list the playlist here if you want to check it out.
Have a great week!

Written by Cathy

At peace x2

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I was tagged by Meow and typed this out this morning but am just posting it now. I went to a disastrous dinner at the in-laws tonight, and I can not even imagine putting that experience into words, so I am really glad I had this to post. I also received a lovely package from Stephanie which included an awesome cd, card and a magnet which reads:

it does not mean to be in a place
where there is no noise, trouble
or hard work. it means to be in
the midst of those things and still
be calm in your heart.

I would have posted photos but Blogger is not wanting me to at the moment.

#2 TAG

2 names you go by: Dr. C, Mom

2 parts of your heritage: German, Scottish

2 things that scare you: Flying, children getting hurt

2 of your everyday essentials: Coffee, Elizabeth Arden bronzer

2 things you are wearing right now: pajama top and bottoms

2 things you want in a relationship: Honesty and Compassion

2 truths: Things happen for a reason. Dreams can come true if your focus is clear and you apply yourself to fulfilling them.

2 of your favorite hobbies: Art and Crafts

2 things you want really badly: The ability for the entire family to travel whenever and wherever we please. For my sons to be the happiest, kindest and most fulfilled people that they can be.

2 places you want to go on vacation: Greece, Hawaii

2 things you want to do before you die: See my children grow up to be those people. Travel more.

2 ways that you are stereotypically a chick: I cry easily. Puppies and babies make me melt.

2 things you are thinking about now: I have to get out of my pajamas and get my son ready for swimming lessons. I really shouldn’t be blogging right now.

2 people to tag: Stephanie and Jase

I am adding this later on Saturday, because I just discovered that Scholiast had tagged me to list five of my weird habits. I had a really hard time with this one. I asked Mr.C. what my weird habits were and his exact words "You don't have any...well, other than the hair thing." So that one is number one, but the others were hard to think of, weird but true.

1. I play with my hair when I’m thinking and if I come across one that feels a little rough in texture, I pull it out. If I find a grey one, I pull that out as well.
2. I curl my toes constantly, and can not stand to wear socks. I am barefoot when I am home, even in the winter.
3. I vacuum or sweep the house every day, because I can not stand the sight of gobs of dust. In fact, I enjoy vacuuming. Instant gratification.
4. I read the obituary in the newspaper almost every day.
5. I pick out my sons’ clothes every night and set them on his bureau for the next day. When I take them out I smell them. I smell both of the boys’ clothes. All the time.

Any other weirdos can fulfill the task if you so wish :)

Good Saturday Night, Good Sun Day!

Written by Cathy

In response

Friday, January 13, 2006

Connie, the answer to your question from the previous post ;)

Written by Cathy

Vermin and Mud Puddles

The Vermin Man arrived this morning and it turns out we have mice in our attic. After nights on end watching the cats stare at the ceiling, we knew without a doubt that there was something alive up there. And so there is. $143.00 to be told we have mice. Shut up, I know.

The weather is obscene. Too warm if you can believe it. It's supposed to be over 10 degrees all weekend and if this keeps up the flowers will be blooming soon. I hate it because it messes with my seasonal cycle of temperatures and I hate it even moreso because it is indicative of a climate that is in turmoil.

We didn't even need to bundle up to go out for a walk today. Which leads me to our next issue; because the weather has been rising and falling, the dirt road has been heaving up and down, and become very bumpy and mucky. It is out of control, and the road fixing crews don't start their work until late April. By the time April comes, we'll need a Hummer just to leave the house!

Have a great weekend, friends!

Written by Cathy

When I rant...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

When I rant, don't worry friends. I am always o.k. If I'm really not, I will certainly tell you something's seriously wrong. My rants about my mother bubble up to the surface every now and then, but you wise friends spoke the truth.

I had a wonderful day today. The week, actually, went so well. All the worrying and endless thoughts on the brain are settling. I won't say that I worried for nothing, because all of the thinking created action. Good action that meant we were prepared and well planned and organized for the week. The babe is doing great with the babysitter. It's three days a week and this woman is amazing. And I don't use that word lightly. I can tell that the babe is fine by the huge grin he gives her when he greets her. Tomorrow I am back with both boys at home again. I work three regular days (I can work from home or my regular office) and I worked from home today which felt odd because it was so quiet and peaceful. I worked with such fury that I got an entire days' work finished by early afternoon. So I went to a few shops before I picked up the babe, and ended up purchasing a new computer desk! A roll-top type, that reminds me of something out of England; it looks very British. It will not be delivered until mid-February (it has to come from Pennsylvania). I can't wait. I will post photos when it arrives. Then I went to the bookstore and had a Starbucks Cinnamon latte, and bought new magazines and a few gifts for friends :). The babe was all grins and full of cuddles, and his new Auntie told me about their day, full of walks in the woods with the dog and sent home with tracings of his tiny handprints, with a lovely card. She will be a wonderful part of our life.

Written by Cathy

A Conversation with my Mother

Me: "I will be away for two days next week."
Her: "Oh, why is that?"
Me: "I will be giving a presentation to book reps on my textbook and having discussions about writing another book. They want to commission me to write a book that could be quite significant on the topic of ____."
Her: "Well, you better be prepared for bad weather. You could be delayed in airports, have to stay longer than you expect to. And I suppose Mr.C. will have to take time off. How many days will he have to take? How long are you gone for again?"

My interpretation:
She could give a shit about the things I do and even if she does, it doesn't really matter because she can't express herself like any other human being might. She looks for every possible critical analysis of a situation that she can. Instead of congratulating me and being happy for me, she thinks about snow storms and poor dear Mr.C. having to take a day off work. Poor thing. Bad wife. What do I do these things for anyway? She is a really terrible person, my mother. It is hard to feel so conflicted about someone you are supposed to hold so dear. But I don't, because she doesn't. Never has. Doesn't know how. I don't care; I shouldn't know how either but I do. Get over yourself mother. I know you won't. It actually only gets worse as you age. And I am not a big enough person to reach out to you. Because I can not stand your judgement and synical self.

Written by Cathy

A few photos for some friends (and an update)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

For my new friend, Gurgo; photos of my kitchen. He posted photos of his; now how about yours?
For my wonderful friend, Chloe; photos from apple picking in October. I'll mail you a bushel next fall for your apple jam :)
Oh, I'm looking forward to doing this again. What are you looking forward to doing this year?
Just as an update, I sent the presentation to the marketing exec and she e-mailed me today that she really likes it (phew). I give the actual presentation itself next week in Quebec. Another trip away from home, but this one will be only a few days, thank goodness. Work is going as well as expected; things are progressing, the babe is fine. So fine. Life is adjusting to the latest new normal.

Written by Cathy

Thinking. Shut up Brain.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

There's been far too much on my mind lately. I want it empty. No decisions. No worries. Just nothing. But then I wouldn't be living, would I? So we may be going on a beach vacation. Even though we aren't really the beach vacation types. Who knows. I've had a hard day. Tomorrow. What will you bring?
More office. Staring at my surroundings. Wishing I weren't here. But do I?

Thank you for the care package, Chloe. It couldn't have come on a better day. I bathed in Ella tonight. By candlelight.

Written by Cathy

From my Desk Calendar

"A mother holds her children's hands for a while...their hearts forever."

How appropriate that this is what I turned to today.
Good Day, everyone.

Written by Cathy

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