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Rolling in

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The fog. Deep and dark and wet. But I loved it. No bugs. No heat. Just lovely grey mist. And surfers and waves crashing. Bliss.My son. Wants to be a surfer. And an artist. Why not.
Fun. Without the Sun.
While I. Can't take me eyes off nature.

Five minutes away. This is what we were met with back at home. See the fog bank out at sea. What a difference a mile makes.
I leave tomorrow, friends. I am flying off to Thunder Bay. It will take the better part of the day. I could fly to London faster. Wish I was. I will be back by next weekend. Keep well. xoxo

Written by Cathy


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why have I been taking pictures of my feet lately? ...I don't know.

Why do some people live their lives killing time? ...because they just don't get it.

Why do blackflies emerge just as the weather is lovely enough to go outside? ...cruel nature.

Why did I give my lawnmower away to someone who needed one, and now I have none? ...I am too nice sometimes.

Why do groceries cost so much money? ...do they really, yes I think so.

Why do slugs have no known predators? ...well we are. Me with my salt shaker, that is.

Why are my in-laws so hopelessly pathetic? ...I believe there is a law of physics that deals with this one.

Why do people give tips to the drive-thru Tim Hortons people? ...all they do is hand me my coffee. Should they get a little something extra for that?

Why do I have to go to freaking Thunder Bay for work next week? ...only known for the oldest rock on Earth and more blackflies.

Why couldn't it be somewhere worthwhile? ...like Monaco. Or the French Riviera. Actually, I could go on endlessly here.

Any pressing questions on your mind?...

Written by Cathy


Thursday, May 25, 2006

My son and I are going to have haircuts tomorrow. But not the babe. I just can't bring myself to cut those little curls yet. Soon. After his first birthday, which is coming in June.

Hey Zhouzhou...

Written by Cathy

It's a Beautiful Day...

The weather is beautiful today and I am home with the babe. My son has gone off to preschool and so we have the day together. I will be back and forth between the computer (checking in on work) and the garden. Perhaps we'll go for a drive to the Bookstore. Cherish the beautiful days... Next week I will be away on a work trip. I will tell you all about it this weekend. Tell me, how are things where you are?...

Written by Cathy

The Rollercoaster Called My Life

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

High: I put on a pair of pants this morning that were tight two years ago and they fit like a glove.

Low: I didn't have time for a cup of coffee this morning, let alone any breakfast.

High: I had a great visit at my son's new school.

Low: I ate my lunch in the car on the way to my office.

High: My son came with me to my work this afternoon and was well behaved and played really well.

Low: I got an e-mail that a co-worker has throat cancer. Major low.

High: I actually made some progress on a few work related items.

Low: The babysitter called me by 2pm that the babe was not feeling well.

High: The babe is sweetly sleeping in the backseat as I am driving home with a Tim Horton's coffee.

Low: I am stressed by not having really accomplished much at all today and am back home again by 4pm with both boys who are cranky, hungry and tired.

High: By 4:30 the boys are content, had snacks and I am greatly enjoying their company.

Low: I have no idea what is for supper.

High: Mr. C comes home and barbeques.

Low: The babe is getting tired and melting down.

High: The babe is snuggled into bed.

Low: I think about my other co-worker who has been given a one year paid stress leave. But she mentions to me today that she is going to postpone it until the end of the summer break. One can apparently schedule stress leave.

High: The children are in bed and I am doing mindless shit on the computer, watching American Idol out of the corner of my eye and looking forward to what the next day brings.

Am I the only one who is on this ride?...

Written by Cathy

Rain, rain go away, on this no-work holiday...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Today is Victoria Day, a holiday in Canada, the day we all celebrate the Queen's birthday and revere the Monarchy. (Well, in all honesty, most Canadians only know this as the May 2-4 weekend, which means campgrounds have opened and we can spend our hard-earned Canadian dollars (which, of course, sport the Queen's image) on beer and charcoal briquettes.)

But today means absolutely nothing to those who have to keep on working... Many Canadians use this as a day to do yard work. Some go to extremes (for example, my neighbour is building a wharf). I am spending mine at home with the family, attempting to work on the garden (if the rain ever decides to remain at sea).

The rock garden at the side of my house. One of these days, I will glue your head on dear, for now just lean on my shoulder. Hmmm...

Mixy Flabble Rabbit

"Why do you call him that?" Mr. C asks. My blog friends collectively named him, is my reply. To which, he rightfully rolls his eyes. My son misunderstood what I said and thought he heard "Mister Happy Rabbit", so that is what he is more frequently referred to. But because of him, I don't have a single solitary tulip in the garden. Bad Mixy.

My son is having a fit of "I'm bored"...so I'm off to go and play with him. The babe is trying to walk, even though his feet are barely long enough to support his body. He is a kamakaze wobbling fright. He puts David Blain's stunts to shame. My heart has stopped at least ten times today alone. We are going out this afternoon to my parents for dinner and then to the Bookstore for magazines and fancy coffee drinks from Starbucks. What shall tomorrow bring...

Written by Cathy

Walk a mile in my flip-flops

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Would you? Like To?
This week has been one of very high highs and significantly low lows.

I was going to describe the details of each day to you but then decided that I wasn't really interested in writing it all out. And not sure that anyone would want to read it all anyway. So I guess I am leaving it at that. Unless you change my mind, that is. I can be fickle that way. The weather is finally starting to feel somewhat like summer, or the late spring that it is anyway.
Monday is Victoria Day in Canada, a holiday, so we have a long weekend. Phew. But then again, with a five year old and a nearly one year old in the house, is there such a thing as a holiday!?

Written by Cathy


Monday, May 15, 2006

I am a nosy person, so when I go to a blog and the person hasn't posted for ages, I wonder why; are they working too much, are they busy with family and friends, are they just not into it any more, have they gone on a trip?...I always appreciate it when people write and say they will be away for a short or extended period of time.

I would like to blog every day, but my posts are getting farther apart. In case anyone wondered, I am taking a brief hiatus this week. I have a new book editor and the publisher is huge, so I suddenly have pressure to pick up the pace. I have another new research assistant starting work tomorrow and then multiple meetings. I hope to be back by the weekend.

In the meantime, I hope you are well, friends...

Written by Cathy


Saturday, May 13, 2006

I was searching and searching through photos and quotes to post a thought-provoking and interesting blog about Mother's Day, but came up empty handed. The origins of today's commercial entity have their roots in the 19th Century Mother's Day for Peace, which is admirable and which I believe the tradition of which should (and does in some places) continue.

But with two young and very demanding children, I am going to be satisfied with a Mother's Day of Peace, which means that I intend to:
  • sleep in
  • leisurely read the newspaper
  • putter on the computer and play mindless games
  • garden, garden, garden
  • sort though my photos and burn cds
  • scrapbook
  • read
  • enjoy a bbq prepared by Mr. C

I love you Mr. C, son and babe :) xo From Mum

Written by Cathy

Obladi Oblada...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

He is now our backyard pet; what should we name him?
Life is good; busy is good. I have an abundance of both right now. The research season has kicked into full gear, I have a number of research assistants who are capable and intelligent, I have very fulfilling and interesting projects on the go, and the list goes on...The summer storm season is bearing down on us and I will attend my first hurricane meeting tomorrow.

There have been parties and concerts and family fun amidst all of this; in general, life is wonderful. Really. I am reading great books, and watching great shows on t.v., having lunches with kind and interesting people.

Life is not perfect, don't get me wrong. But the things that are not perfect pale in comparison to the things that are. I am having trouble with the Publisher of "the" book, for example; a minor issue with my Editor having left and moved to a new Publishing House; do I stay with the Editor or the Publisher?...I had to assist my research assistant in the cleaning of a 100 gallon fish tank stocked full of wild brook trout, and the siphon that was taking water out of the tank accidentaly came out of the bucket and we flooded the floor of our lab with shitty fish water...My garden is being neglected because the weather has been cold and damp and dreary for ages. This causes me grief and anxiety (moreso that a dirty house even...). There could be more disposable income after all the bills and responsible money has been spent. I think I could go on. Blech.

I hope your lives are well. Or at the very least, you are finding wonderful moments amidst events that might not be so great.

Two excellent books I am tackling at the same time:
"Eat, Pray, Live" by Elizabeth Gilbert and
"Last Child in the Woods; Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder" by Richard Louv

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. -Rachel Carson

Written by Cathy

Been there, done that...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

and, in a moment of weakness, I even bought the t-shirt.
Heart thumping
Out of my soul.
The pure magic and
Thrill of J.D.
Nova Scotia's lucky

Kitchen partying
Brothers and Sisters.
Mothers and Fathers.

Amazing Grace.
What a family.
The whole
Sold Out House.

The best concert I've ever been to. Period. The only sad thing is that I know it can never be matched.

Written by Cathy

In the dark of the night

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

INXS. In Concert. Tonight. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :)
Yes I wish you were
By my side

Written by Cathy

I could have danced all night

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Friends of ours had a sock-hop tonight so we could dance on their renovated hardwood floor before the carpet was laid back down. Mr. C stayed home due to the broken elbow and someone needed to stay with the babe, so my most wonderful recently-turned five year old was my "date". He loves to dance (Fred is his nickname) and our hosts played old albums on their ancient record player. Why is no one else dancing, he asked...the adults all stood talking along the edges of the room.

Of course I danced with him, but you can't see photos of that, unfortunately...

Eventually, he decided that just the two of us dancing was not so much fun, so he settled in to work on a puzzle book.

Little boy on a big floor.

Rolling out the carpet. It was a rather odd night, but fun. My son is amazing; there are not enough superlatives in this world to describe him. A perfectly wonderful person to spend the evening with, among an eclectic group of adults.

Written by Cathy

Look into my eyes and listen to my annoying voice...

Friday, May 05, 2006

I have returned from the road trip from hell. Ten hours in an over-stuffed car over the course of two days with a 10 month old, 5 year old and one set of grandparents is not a good idea. But we survived and mission accomplished; a birthday celebration for my brother, who seems to be doing quite well. He was very happy to see us and we had a really good visit with him.

The worst part of the past two days had nothing to do with the car drive, incidentally. Enter the know-it-all sister-in-law, with a booming loud grating voice (a la Janice from Friends). She repeats herself like everyone is deaf, but in reality we are simply trying to ignore her. So folks, if you need to know anything, anything at all, you name it, let me know and I can get you in touch with her because she really does know absolutely everything, and she will tell you all about nothing and everything that you want to know in a very loud and grating voice.... So friends, no need to spend inordinate amounts of money for palm readings or the like,

Nor crystal ball gazing...

This post is very rude of me, as she has gone through a rough time with her husband having been so very ill etc...so I apologize to the gods of recent frustration because I had to get this off my chest. After waking the babe THREE times in the course of one evening, I was ready to pummel her. So, sorry SIL, but you are so very annoying. There. Better now.

Written by Cathy


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The wildlife are re-emerging in our backyard, including this little fellow (do you spot him?...). Between the cold foggy air, the lack of sunshine, the slugs and the bunnies, my garden is looking very depressed lately.

I am leaving for New Brunswick early tomorrow morning to drive to my brother's house. It will be his birthday and we will spend the night and return late again on Friday.

And then I am at a Red Cross training course most of the weekend.

I am in a productive work mindset right now and working on very precise writing (no fill, just facts), so it is impacting my writing style here; get to the point and nothing in-between. So back to the facts...

I hope the remainder of your week is productive.

Written by Cathy

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