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Freeze and Thaw

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well for once this post has nothing to do with the weather, although the title implies otherwise. I have been recently thinking about the things that I love and hate at the same time about Christmas. Although I am one to focus on the positive rather than the negative, thoughts of things that annoy me creep in. I guess you could say that my glass is half full, but I just don't know how clean the water in it is.

You don't need to read this if you are in a warm and fuzzy mood today. I am just getting a few things off my chest so I can go back to enjoying Bing again.

1. You spend time baking and baking and then one week before Christmas you need to start all over again because what you've baked is pretty much gone, save for the armless gingerbread men. From now on, I will no longer be a Christmas baking keener. I will save all my baking until the last minute.

2. Relatives that you never hear from the rest of the year come out of the woodwork and expect to receive gifts and cards and invitations for dinner. Guess what? I don't see you the other 364 days. I don't want to see you now either.

3. Those same relatives send ugly cards with no messages, just their names scrawled on the bottom. Since I haven't heard from you in a year, you'd think you'd have something to say to me. No, you just want me to send a card to you so you can fill up your mantle. Buy a box of cards and send them to yourself. Like Mr. Bean did.

4. The annual Christmas work lunch. We don't go out to lunch any other time. Shouldn't we be saving Christmas for the people we love to spend time with and for doing the things we love to do? Why do we put ourselves through this painfull event that no one wants to go to? I end up sitting between socially-retarded-get-drunk-at-lunch people.

5. This is the time of year, more than any other, when I feel guilty for having what I have and living where I live. I am torn between wanting to turn my head away from the images of starving babies and stopping Christmas altogether and going to Darfur with the money I've spent on my over-indulgent Christmas. When my children are old enough, we will spend Christmas in a developing country. So that they can get the true meaning of sharing love and compassion, wealth and prosperity. So that they may understand that giving really is better than receiving. And that those we need to give to are not greedy cousin X, but the starving child in a refugee camp.

God Bless you, every one. xo
(Back soon with Christmas cheer :)

  1. Blogger mrsmogul said:

    I think it would be cool to spend Xmas in a developing country and spread cheer to the poor. Sometimes we forget that when we're down or feel guilty giving is the best feeling!

    BTW, you just missed my new post today!

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    I did just miss it! I came back ;)

  1. Blogger Ben said:

    Cathy, you said a lot of things I think we all share with you at christmas, particularly the cards from people who couldn't give a damn for the rest of the year. I'd prefer them to pick up the phone and just say hi 2 or 3 times a year rather than the standard card with a name scrawled at the bottom.

  1. Blogger Baba Ganoush said:

    That's funny Cathy, I blogged the other day about things that were getting on my nerves too.

    Trying to stay as festive as possible, but it's hard.

  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    I heard Jude Law was taking his kids to Africa during Christmas and I thought it was nice...but then he said something about going on a safari...:( Damn you, I thought you were going to help. I know my biggest christmas gift this year will be money to charity, I'm giving to people that truly need something and I feel blessed to be able to do this.

    I'm in THAT mood myself and I totally agree with you...And you know what? The ice is melting and the polar bears are drowning...let's cry together (I know it isn't very constructive but I want to)

  1. Blogger Heidi said:

    I love when u vent like this! LOL

    Everything is so true..Even though I don't celebrate Christmas bcause I'm jewish. Plus I don't cook or attempt to bake..lol

  1. Blogger holy chaos said:

    i think you hit the nail right on the head. great post. i don't think you were being negative-just honest...

    one of my dreams is to go and help, whether, it be in the Appalachians or Africa,with a medical team

  1. Blogger Stephanie said:

    Ooooh. Yes. Me too!

    You've heard my collection of "holiday" music, so rant away :)

  1. Blogger green eyed girl on planet earth said:

    Bah humbug
    I too could have writen this today ! LOL guess we are in the same frame on mind LOL

    thanks for sharing
    take care

  1. Blogger Chloe said:

    cathy let's erase those people from our cards lists. now that we have good blogfriends we can't afford to send christmas cards to awful relatives.
    i am with you on the developing country Christmas visit. We can go together. xx

  1. Blogger Pat Paulk said:

    I think you point out things that should be pointed out!!

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Hi everyone;
    thanks for letting me vent; I guess we all share some of these thoughts (and those that didn;t comment, well I guess they don't! ;)

    Back to being Christmassy....

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