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Saturday, September 23, 2006

We didn't take the bubble wrap, against my best judgement. Rather, I wore a blouse with buttons that kept popping open. Much better amusement than silly bubble wrap, don't you think?...sorry, folks, no photos of that.

  1. Blogger Trundling Grunt said:

    Sigh, then I suppose we'll just have to make do with bubble wrap then. Bubble wrap is one of the coolest inventions ever.

  1. Blogger gina said:

    ok i am coming to check on you!! are you okay? that message you left me scared me .

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Trundling...now someone needs to invent buttons that don't pop!

    Gina; thanks for coming by; you are sweet...I was just feeling mopey tonight, that's all.

  1. Blogger kimananda said:

    What a great photo...just the right amount of blurry and clear. Now, I'll need to check the archives to see what's up with the bubble wrap (which is cool), to get the reference for the popping buttons (which are only cool if they're on other people's clothing, and not even then....)

  1. Blogger Connie and Rob said:

    You can spend big bucks on toys and then bubble wrap will entertain for hours...lol

    Take care,

  1. Blogger Chloe said:

    what happened to good old zippers?

  1. Blogger fb said:

    A blouse with a zipper?!

    A blouse must have buttons or poppers...hence 'bodice ripping' stories! ;)

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Thank you; I thought it was a good mix as well; you only need to go as far as my previous post. And nothing there about the blouse; just a bad selection on my part.

    Isn't that the truth! And I picked this bubble wrap out of the garbage from work to bring home for him.(it was clean garbage, though...:)

    Zippers, on a blouse?...

    I have no bodice ripping stories, unfortunately...;)

  1. Blogger Dawna said:

    Thanks for the comment in my blog. Nice to meet you. :) Are you a native Haligonian?

    Bubble wrap? Very cool. :)

  1. Blogger Christopher said:

    bubble wrap rules!!

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    I am a native; I posted on your site again with a bit more info. Welcome!

    Moreso than my blouse popping open! ;)

  1. Blogger blackcrag said:

    Aw, c'mon, Cathy! That's just a tease!

    I bet you were the favourite of every guy in there. How was the rest of the night?

    If you wear that blouse more often, I bet you could get a couple bodice rippers!

  1. Blogger Berlinbound said:

    Your new photo is WOW!

    Peace your way ...


  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    I like the new look :) Very clean. and a nice photo nevertheless.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    The night was a disaster; because there was too much attention. It is a hard thing to explain; the host and I have some history.

    Thank you. You made me smile (blush...)

    Devil Mood;
    Chloe waved her magic wand.

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