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Mele Kalikimaka

Friday, December 16, 2005

Some days there is too much going on.
Some days not enough. I like a nice balance. Who doesn't.
In addition to making nice crafty things, my son and I took the babe for his 6 month appointment with the doctor. He got his vaccinations, poor thing. We went for supper at Jack Astor's, which would have been delicious if I had been able to eat slow enough to taste it.
At one point my son asks out of the blue; Why didn't we go on vacation this year? Good grief. One week before Christmas and this pops into his head. He can sure pick his moments. Because we had a baby this year. And he launches into a but my friends all went on vacations... Is it possible for this to begin at 4 years old? We did take an overnight trip and a number of day trips. The plan was always to go somewhere next year. Mr.C and I are travel fiends and I think my son has the bug, too. So here I am amidst Christmas preparations, effected by my preschoolers question.

So I pull out one of my favourite books. Random page brings me to: Visby, Sweden. Supposedly an Island retreat rich in medieval history. No, no, no, this is all wrong. It sounds cold. I want warm. I guess I really don't want random at all. I want the warm weather edition of this book, with all the cold places removed. Next random page (this is the truth) brings me to Kauai, Hawaii. Now that's a vacation destination. The Garden (of Eden) Isle. I mean, the Gods are begging us to go. Random page draw number two brought me to it. Let's book it now, Mr. C :)

  1. Blogger Neo said:

    Cathy -So what's on page 101?


  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    La Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium.
    "Few great urban squares make the impact you'll find upon entering Brussel's gigantic one-of-a-kind Grand Place."

    I was in Belgium man years ago and my lasting impression was; dirty. (Sorry Belgians).

    Well, that was fun. Another page number perhaps? :) There are 894 in the book.

  1. Blogger Meow said:

    Cathy, come to sunny Australia ... there are places here where it's like summer all year around.

  1. Blogger Marel Lecone said:

    Hawaii--now that sounds nice. I actually knew someone stationed there and was always curious about Kauai. The pictures made me think "beautiful"! :)

  1. Blogger SkyeBlue2U said:

    page 234

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    As soon as Christmas is over, I'm going to start collecting nice glossy travel brochures and dream.

    I would come and visit Australia if the airfare wasn't so expensive. I actually like the seasons and enjoy the changes very much (although it is expensive, as far as clothing goes, to have two entirely different seasonal sets of clothing). I have travelled to the Caribbean in the winter for the past number of years (work related)and now I am itching for a vacation related excursion because I got hooked on the beauty and warmth of the Caribbean.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    P.234 is the fourth page regarding Venice and it describes the best places to stay. Hotel Danieli is ranked as one of the world's most historically endowed hotels. If out of your price range, more modest establishments include Hotel Flora or Hotel Ai Do Mori.

    Venice is definitely on my list. Anyone been there?

  1. Blogger Anhoni Patel said:

    page 503? I like this game.

    You son sounds *very* precocious.

    I've been to Venice. It's amazing. Very mysterious and full of allure. The canals are a bit stinky, but nothing noxious.

    Life goal #33: Go to Carnival in Venice. Preferably a fancy party.

  1. Blogger riskybiz said:

    Cathy you can stay and visit lovely Nova Scotia any time you want.
    I love Nova Scotia!
    Especially when a storm is running through there.(only the last sentence is sarcasm)

  1. Blogger Connie and Rob said:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  1. Blogger Michelle said:

    Cathy, it's 26C at my place in Winter...Barrier Reef and Rainforest right on my door step...has your name on it!

  1. Blogger Berlinbound said:

    Venice is misty with magic ... and sexy in a way only an older, wiser Italian can be ... Think of leaving the kids with the folks and sharing Venice with your man.

  1. Blogger Jase said:

    You can always come visit Costa Rica. Of course I say the same to myself as that's supposed to be where my job is.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    I like this game, too :)
    P.503 is Koh Samui, Thailand, described as an escapist island in the Gulf of Siam. How wonderful, but not with two young kids.
    And yes, my son is very precocious, how can you tell ?!:)

    Here's an idea...I rent my house to you and you can come here for your vacation while we go to Hawaii. :)

    I would be there in a heartbeat if the airfare wasn't so expensive.

    Unfortunately our parents can barely babysit for evening let alone for an entire week or more. OH well.....

    Hello there, friend. I've missed your wonderful writing. Too busy working, hey. Costa Rica also sounds lovely. Who knows...

  1. Blogger Chloe said:

    i could say come and visit greece but you should do it in the summer or early fall.
    so what's on page 832? i closed my eyes and saw the numbers.

  1. Blogger erikku said:

    Do they have the Berkshires or Southern Vermont in that book, perchance? Christmas is always the best when you're in a Norman Rockwell print. Oh, I want to go home. [sigh]

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Greece is most definitely on our list. I'll take your advice.
    P.832: Portillo, in Mendoza, Chile. The best skiing in South America. Perhaps when it is our summer we might go for some snow.

    Manchester Village, Vermont; the Northeast Kingdom, Shelburne Farms, Stowe, Killington and Woodstock are all in there. Popular State! The climate is too much like our own for a wonter excursion, however.

  1. Blogger Aly said:

    You should come here [Austin, Tx] in the spring for SXSW. One of the biggest music festivals. It's so fun, it's like a non stop party/concert for a week :) Plus, in Texas..even in december it's 60 outside. hah.

    And an added bonus- my mom loves to babysit.

    also..to copy Neo..whats on page 340?

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    What an offer! With babysitting included. (you might want to check with your mom on that one:) I have never heard of this event. Sounds interesting.

    P.340: ALso from Sweden...the Stockholm Archipelago; Svealand, Sweden. "...a latticework of some 24,000 islands and smooth glacier- polished outcroppings..." Sounds beautiful. Cold. And a place we could get lost in for the rest of our lives, rather than one week! Take care!

  1. Blogger missbhavens said:

    Venice IS fabulous and utterly, inexplicably romantic. I went there on a school trip and was in a gondola with two other female students and a nun and after a prolonged silence (we were enraptured by our surroundings) she laughed and said "You know what? I'm a nun and I'm in a boat with three girls and this is the most romantic moment of my life!"

    And we all felt the same way.

    Warm and totally interesting? Anything in South East Asia. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos.

  1. Blogger Stephanie said:

    Somewhere warm sounds heavenly right now. Did you get all the snow?

    On Friday I had to call 911 to report a car accident which happened right in front of us on the highway, knowing at the time that almost all police in the state were somewhere nearby at the graduation thing. We were still on the road because I had left my purse at a restaurant an hour away from my parent's and we'd had to drive back to get it.

    Then today, back in Boston....no additional snow!!!

    p. 482?

  1. Blogger vani said:

    i wish i could get away right now- somewhere warm and beatiful and romantic- yeah venice sounds nice. :)

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    I completely agree; I've been to Thailand and Vietnam and they are amazing places. I wouldn't say I'd want to travel with such young children there, however. And again, the cost of airfare...

    Oh my goodness! I am glad you are home safe and sound. What an experience. We got some rain, but next to nothing. Our snow is pretty much all gone now. I'll post a photo from my window soon.

    P.482: This is a good one, and ties in with MissB's suggestion:
    Amanwana, Moyo, Indonesia; "A luxury nature camp in the back of beyond" "Located east of Bali, the tiny island of Moyo is inhabited almost exclusively by butterflies, crab-eating monkeys, and rusa deer - plus a handful of cosseted barefoot visitors from this luxury nature camp..."
    THAT'S IT!!! I scream in Charlie Brown fashion. Thank you for suggesting page 482, Stephanie. I am afriad it is out of our price range, but I am officially in research mode on this place!

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