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Sunday, April 15, 2007

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to be more "green" in my posts, and this reflects what my life is like right now. I have challenged myself to make better choices, and to test myself and my lifestyle. I am reducing my carbon footprint by not flying this year and putting more thought into the products I purchase. I am reading a plethora of magazines related to environmental topics, and I feel the environmental movement gaining momentum as it starts to go "mainstream". There is a paradigm shift in the works, and I am excited to be a part of it.

I think most of my posts will have at least a little infusion of "green" from now on. It will still be about me and my family and my life, for all its monotony. But here's an example of how I can do a better job of integrating these enhanced green lifestyle choices into my posts:

Mr. C and I went out to dinner last night to this restaurant in downtown Halifax. The proprietor and head chef is a good friend of ours and we are proud of the fact that he emphasizes locally grown and produced quality ingredients in his recipes. While looking at the menu, I quickly realized that some of the seafood on the menu was on the "avoid" SeaChoice list. When you go to a restaurant and order fish, think about the methods that were used to catch that fish, and whether it might be a threatened species or not. There are good alternatives, and restaurants can be persuaded to make better menu choices if the public is informed. If you want to know the better choices of seafood, you can print out a .pdf guide from the SeaChoice web site. Or ask me any questions if you have any.

In the meantime, Happy Sunday, Friends!

  1. Blogger [eric] said:

    "Here I go [green] again...?"

    Green is great, my favorite color for a reason. ^_^

  1. Blogger Trundling Grunt said:

    Hmm, interesting list (I assume you mean seachoice.org?). It's tricky as many of them are location dependent and I struggle to remember that. I need to keep up on the 'ok' list and use that as a guide.

  1. Blogger Chloe said:

    i don't eat fish and seafood so no problem for me :)
    and i found a nice dessert on the menu of that restaurant:Chocolate Kirsch Bundt Cake
    cabernet bing cherry sauce, white chocolate vanilla bean gelato" yum.
    Another complaint to make to the chef: there is just one vegetarian option in the main courses. What am i ever going to eat when i come there?

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    I had a very nice time at the restaurant.lol This is what I ordered...
    Annapolis Valley Feta Cheese
    olives, roast red pepper, basil, aged sherry oregano vinaigrette, grilled garlic crostini...$8
    Proscuitto Wrapped Pork Tenderloin
    handmade potato gnocchi, gruyere, fresh sage, grainy mustard pork jus...$23
    Caramel Crème Brulé
    crispy chocolate bourbon ball...$9


  1. Blogger nikinpos said:

    Flying is about the only bad thing that I do. I walk to work, walk to the shops and the school, recycle as best as I can, don't have a tumble dryer or microwave, wash my own dishes. Fruit or veg that I buy is all seasonal and locally produced...I didn't choose to do any of this, it is the norm here. Although sometimes I would love to be able to drive from the shops and park outside the house, rather than lug heavy shopping bagfs down a mountain on foot!

  1. Blogger christina said:

    I'll be looking forward to your "green" posts.

    We've been trying to eat more fish lately, but it seems that SO much of the fish we get in Europe, and especially here in Germany is on the "no" list.

  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    Good job! I will enjoy these posts, I'm sure :)

  1. Blogger CiscoKid said:

    It takes one to begin....
    and many will follow on your steps. I agree with the paradygm shift and it involves a lot more than just the green movement..

  1. Blogger blackcrag said:

    I am also heartened to see more and more mainstream interest in the environment. I think I need to be more aware of my impact on the environment.

    Maybe I can set you 'homework' like I did Chloe; could you do a series of posts on simple and basic green choices?

    Right now I side with Kermit, and think "It isn't easy being Green."

  1. Blogger Berlinbound said:

    Christina - you actually eat the fish here in Germany? Brave you are.

    Cathy ... It's a good thing you're doing. Are you familiar with the "Slow Food" movement out of Italy? You might find it of interest.


  1. Blogger Stephanie said:

    If summer ever gets here, maybe we'll finally be able to grow things locally? I applaud the (even) green(er) turn of the blog, because it's something you are passionate about.
    (And for me, lack of vegetarian main courses just means...dessert!)

  1. Blogger Vani said:

    give us some tips on "staying green" for those who have a hard time keeping up! :)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Cool. I didn't know there was a sustainable seafood site. Thank you, it will certainly influence my meal choices.

  1. Blogger Crafty Green Poet said:

    The greener the better is good for me! I think the complexities are interesting in locally managed shops or restuarants that then offer less ethical choices in their produce or menus. It can become an ethical headache at times!

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