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The unintended hiatus is over

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The sickness I had (I think it was Norwalk) is over and I am alive. Every ounce of energy was sucked from my body and it took me longer than usual to get over it. Having my computer crash at the same time didn't help. I don't know what made me feel worse; knowing that I had "lost" so much on my computer and being disconnected from the world, or the physical sickness itself. I'm still not sure. But now I am typing from my home once again and the computer magician resuscitated most everything. All of my work is back and my photos, and the itunes, so that is all well and good. But my e-mail is all gone and the hundreds of contacts in my list. But I won't dwell on the negative. That's all over now and we are going away for an extended weekend break. So I will be around to see how you all have been doing soon. I have missed you!

  1. Blogger Rositta said:

    Welcome back, glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your time away and recuperate. I'm also terrified of a computer crash to the extent that I just bought an external hard drive and saved everything. I would have a nervous breakdown...ciao:)

  1. Blogger Trundling Grunt said:

    Happy to see you back recovered. Take care, and see you round.

  1. Blogger Berlinbound said:

    Welcome back ... you were missed.

  1. Blogger Meow (aka Connie) said:

    Welcome back, Cathy, glad you are feeling better.
    Too bad about the computer crash ... did you have copies of the email addys on paper ??? HOpe you can find them all again.
    Hope your week is going well.
    Take care, hugs, Meow

  1. Blogger Stephanie said:

    Welcome back, both of you!

    Is that the same as norovirus? I had that end of Feb and it was so horrible :( Glad you're feeling better.

    Have a good long weekend, and see you when you get back.

  1. Blogger missbhavens said:

    Welcome back, and I'm glad you're feeling better.

    Eeek...a computer death. So painful. I know it.

  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    Oh Thank God for the computer magician :)
    I hope you're feeling tons better, I'd freak out without my PC !
    Have a great weekend!

  1. Blogger x said:

    i am glad you are back. you make me want to be back too. don't worry about the emails. i'll start sending you some to fill your inbox.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Oh Cathy..So glad you back and feeling better! You deserve the weekend break! Have a great time and take it easy.

  1. Blogger holy chaos said:

    so glad you and your computer are doing better!

  1. Blogger blackcrag said:

    I'm glad you're feeling better. You have to take better care of yourself... and your computer.

    See you soon.

  1. Blogger Cisco said:

    computer crashes are like spring cleaning---you get rid of a lot un unwanted crap...then again there is also a lot of good stuff lost. Take care

  1. Blogger Eric said:

    Welcome back! ^_^

    Did Mr. C get you those flowers as a get well gift?

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Yeah your back on line!!!
    FUnny thing... I was cleaning out my old emails and for some reason I found this emial about the necklace I was making you. If was a draft.

  1. Blogger Greeneyes said:

    welcome back , glad to read you beat the virus and are feeling much better , hope you retrive all your contacts , funny how we rely on our little computers , must have been doubly hard to be sick and comp crash , I would have not recovered LOL☺
    take care and germ free ...

  1. Blogger Pat Paulk said:

    Glad to hear all is well again!!

  1. Blogger Dr. Deb said:

    I"m sick now. Do you think I coulda caught it via the blogosphere?!!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Dear Cathy,
    I am so very glad to hear you are feeling better. It is awful to feel so weak and there is no majic pill to take to hurry it along.

    Really have missed you! Take care of yourself.

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