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Saving the planet can be fun

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some of my students gave me this t-shirt yesterday. Before you find it completely inappropriate, they purchased it here.
And it says "Save our Climate" on the back.
I wore it today; but thank GOD I didn't wear it yesterday, as a film crew unexpectedly dropped by on my class. Now that would have required some serious explanation. Erm, like my mother...who watched the segment not once but twice!

And meanwhile, back on the home front, we have had some seriously cold weather and ice packs forming in the bay for the first time since we've lived here.

Life goes on. But now, I am off to see how you are doing...

  1. Blogger [eric] said:

    Why would that be inappropriate? I don't find it inappropriate at all. ^_-

  1. Blogger blackcrag said:

    I'm with Eric I don't see anything worng with it. Though I don't think you are too hot... just about right to be the hot professor, I think. Definitely not lukewarm.

    O wait... we're talking cliamte here? ermm...

  1. Blogger missbhavens said:

    I think my comment got eaten by NewBlogger--my nemesis.

    The shirt is terrific!

    ps: use the lightbulb pic any way that suits you!

  1. Blogger PEA said:

    Love the shirt slogan...I need one like that for when I start my hot flashes! lol

  1. Blogger Chloe said:

    ahahaaa. i love your t-shirt. and may i add you have some very nice students!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    That was very nice of your students to give you that shirt. I am thinking they must love you.

    Take care of yourself. Sending you hugs,

  1. Blogger CiscoKid said:

    Ice packs for you. Extreme cold in the NE of US. Lots of Rain in Australia.
    Many signs that all is not well with mother nature..
    What else is coming?
    Nice shirt though-No explanation needed

  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    What a great t-shirt! I love it :) You are such a cool teacher wearing that!

  1. Blogger christina said:

    GREAT t-shirt. I love it.

  1. Blogger HORIZON said:

    Mrs. popular with her students- you must be a great teacher! Love the shirt ;)
    Hope you have been keeping warm and safe.
    l have been out of it for a wee bit - lots going on.
    Bests x

  1. Blogger Ps said:

    Wow! What a great gift from your students.Made me smile.Love the picture that you posted too.

  1. Blogger Pat Paulk said:

    Made me smile too, and I don't care what's on the back!!! Come on by!!

  1. Blogger Dr. Deborah Serani said:

    LOVE the shirt!

  1. Blogger Heidi said:

    What an awesome T-Shirt!

    Have a great weekend..Try to stay warm..brrrrrr

  1. Blogger momyblogR said:

    Yeah, yeah....your explaination is nice but the "T" says it all! LOL!!

    Very Funny!! :):)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    I hear you on the weather thing... it's cold.

  1. Blogger Stephanie said:

    I take back what I said about wishing that it felt more like winter. What I MEANT was picturesque, fluffy winter snow...not biting winds and bitter cold :(

    PS - The t-shirt is pretty awesome :)

  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    Al Gore was in Portugal this week to promote his ideas. Sadly, when I heard about it he was already gone, in his private jet (ironic). His conference was only for the richer and most important entreprisers though...so I couldn't have really gone. Plus it was in Lisbon..

  1. Blogger Trundling Grunt said:

    Great tee-shirt. I love the idea of you having to explain that to your mother. Why do we think we have to explain to them? We are adults? Physically at least...

  1. Blogger Meow said:

    Whoo-hoo, presents from your students. You must be one pretty cool professor !! Love the t-shirt.
    Take care, and Happy Valentines Day.

  1. Blogger Gawpo said:

    Funny who you see traveling around in the circles. I recognize Ps and Pea and Trundling Grunt and Meow and Chloe from others where I travel. I suppose it could become overwhelming after a time. But your place is a VERY nice home to visit, as evidenced by the attendance here. Keep it up!

  1. Blogger Gawpo said:

    Oh, by the way: Nice T-shirt.

    Sure it says that on the back, Cathy.

    Sure it does.


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