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Socks and Storms

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My friend Connie sent me these wonderful socks and a cute little card that she made. I received the package a few days ago, as you can see from the date on the calendar. Today we are expecting the remnants of the first named tropical storm of the 2006 season; Alberto. It is actually a post-tropical storm at this point and it is tracking to our east, but we are still expected to receive 50 to 70 mm of rain by this evening and wind gusts to 90 km/hr. So today, the babe and I will be watching the stormy seas and playing with toys, and I will heed the advice on my new socks...

  1. Blogger erikku said:

    Sounds like fun, really. Unfortunately the whole thing missed us.

    Happy Birthday to the Babe, by the way.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Hi Eric;
    It is a real storm out there; raging winds. I am hoping the power doesn't go out.

  1. Blogger blackcrag said:

    We're over half the country apart but seem to share the same weather system. It's been raining for the last three days now, with two nights of thunder showes.

    I don't get to see waves running rampant up and down the beach (can you take some shots for me?) but I can see lightning turn the night into day and and the wind thrash the treetps like a surfter on a totally gnarly wave.

  1. Blogger blackcrag said:

    oops, forgot:

    Yes, thank-you, I am well. Physically, anyway. I am long accustomed to getting by with little, and occasionally no, sleep.

    There is something niggling at the back of my mind, but it won't come to the forefront yet. All I can do is wait.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Hope you make out of it fine,

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Our view to the sea faces south, and the wind is coming from the northeast, so the water is moving out to sea from our perspective; no crashing waves today; they'll come tomorrow with the tail end of the storm.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    The worst of it is over now; we have kept power but there people in Halifax without, and lots of tree limbs down.

  1. Blogger Chloe said:

    i always love the fact that you add some weather information in your posts! you are a true scientist.
    (the socks look so comfortable!)

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Or a geek...:0), but then they are synonymous.

    I spent some time today looking at all the interesting things linked on your site; how do you find out about all this stuff!?

    How did the interview go?

  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    Alberto is there already? Those things travel fast...
    We've been having a bit of a storm this week as well: a lot of thunders and a bit of rain. It was nice to refresh things, but it's still really warm. Maybe we're turning tropical :P

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Devil Mood;
    Once they reach the Gulf stream, they can move quite fast. 50-65 km/h...

    The storm is not over yet here. It has turned to winds from the southwest and the waves are starting to crash. The nextdoor neighbours trampoline has landed up in the woods...photos to follow tomorrow!

  1. Blogger Amara said:

    Good for you Cathy and isnt it great to have real friends lije Connie. Those socks were nice

  1. Blogger CBEMN said:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Welcome! My first blog friend from Nigeria!

  1. Blogger Maddy said:

    I want to put those pretty
    socks on and make tea and
    read out loud to my
    stuffed dog.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Bring your moped; you should be here by this time next week :)

  1. Blogger vani said:

    love the new look on your site! it must be cool and scary at the same time, to watch the storm approach. glad you survived it!

  1. Blogger Meow said:

    What a lovely gift. Connie is a gorgeous person.
    Hope you got through the storm ok, and didn't suffer any damage.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Take care, Meow

  1. Blogger Michelle said:

    OOOOooo a fresh new template...NICE!

  1. Blogger christina said:

    Wow, you guys sure get some weather there. I hope the socks held back the worst of it. :-)

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Cool and scary at the same time; you said it!

    We are lucky people, to know Connie.

    Thank You! I spent way too much time puttering away on it...but I am still learning.

    We do get some bad weather, but as a weather junkie, I really do love it.

  1. Blogger Amara said:

    Wow! is that really true. I am honored.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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