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"An Inconvenient Truth" speaks the truth

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mr. C and I went to see "An Inconvenient Truth" tonight. You can learn more about the film here. To the core of my being, I hope you all go and see it. This is an important documentary, by former Vice-President Al Gore. Most importantly, it is factual and correct in its content and message. Let's heed the warnings and take the advice. What is your impact? How can you reduce it? For the sake of our children and grandchildren....we need to leave a liveable Earth to them.

I have been reesarching climate change and teaching University students on this topic for the past decade. There is no longer any debate among the credible scientific community. As developed nations, we are morally obligated to immediately respond to the situation we currently find ourselves in.

I am leaving for the U.S. first thing Monday morning, to attend a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association meeting. I'll be back by the end of the week, with more on this topic.

Sunday is Father's Day here in North America, so Happy Father's Day to Mr. C, who is one of the best father's in the world.

Talk to you soon, friends.

  1. Blogger Spider Girl said:

    I've been hearing so much about this documentary just in the last week---above all, I've been hearing that it's a film that everybody owes themselves and their children to see.

  1. Blogger Chloe said:

    happy father's day to wonderful Mr. C
    and i am certainly going to see An Inconvenient Truth if it is ever shown here. Have a safe journey and we are going to talk soon.

  1. Blogger Heidi said:

    Fathers Day is always tough since my dad passed away , then his bday comes up a few days after. I wish a Happy Fathers Day to Mr. C and all.

    I haven't seen a movie is so long thanx for the info.

    "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association "

    Omg say that 10 times..lol

    Have a safe trip Cathy.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Welcome Spider Girl!
    We owe it to ourselves to see this film; that's for sure.

    I guess it isn't father's day in Greece?...
    I hope the film shows in Greece some day.
    I will look forward to talking with you when I get back.

    It is a mouthful; that's whyw e use acronyms most often NOAA; so much easier...
    I hope you get a chance to see this film. It is so worth it.
    Hope you've had a good weekend.

  1. Blogger Stephanie said:

    I'm keen to see the film. You should check out Darwin's Nightmare. Not so much environmental, but a tale about aid, disease and war. Sad stuff.

    My boss got us to work out our carbon footprint on Thursday and I was stunned that, even before including my home usage, I was already above the UK average. Why? I don't drive and I use public transport everywhere. One long-haul flight to see my parents at Christmas and my train commute to London 4 days/week. Yikes!

  1. Blogger Marel Lecone said:

    I look forward to what you bring back. You are really only one of the few people that I feel like listening too these days. Watching the news and anything else worthy seems like too much to do these days. I know that I'm terrible. I did see Al Gore on Jay Leno talking about it. I'm interested in seeing the movie/documentary also. Take care. And, get home safe. :)

  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    Your blog is looking very nice :)
    Have a good trip and het us a solution to save the earth - we're counting on you, Cathy ;)

  1. Blogger Dr. Deborah Serani said:

    Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day. I am planning on seeing that movie.

  1. Blogger vani said:

    happy father's day mr. c! :)

  1. Blogger DayByDay4-2Day said:

    Ahh stepping foot over here!! I just went over there and now your coming this way. Perhaps you will enjoy the warmth over here??? It's been in the 90s F

    PS love the new header!

  1. Blogger Meow said:

    Happy Father's Day to Mr C.
    Have a safe trip, and catch ya when you get back.
    Take care, Meow xx

  1. Blogger Jen said:

    It opens in my town next Friday, I can't wait! I'm actually shocked it's playing here at all. I live in a very Republican state where environmentalists are considered hippie tree huggers! I can't wait to see what you have to say about the conference. Hope you have a wonderful time and learn a lot!

  1. Blogger Maddy said:

    I want to see this docu.
    I LOVE your new look!

    Happy Father's Day and
    have a beautiful week!

  1. Blogger blackcrag said:

    Bye, Cathy... safe trip.

    It is just a coincidence that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association intials sound like Noah, isn't it? Isn't it?

  1. Blogger Steve Awesome said:

    Over here it is supposed to be Monsoon season. I have seen rain once and that was only a light shower. I saw a report on telly that made it seem like a big problem and although I havent picked up much Korean you can tell many of the locals are worried about it. The river banks are low (I have seen a few) and the rice fields are apparently very dry (they look soaking wet to me but I know very little on how to farm rice)

  1. Blogger erikku said:

    Oh, I'll absolutely see it. ^_^

    Hooray! I'm below average on my carbon count!

  1. Blogger SkyeBlue2U said:

    Have a good trip, we're planning this week to see that film. :) skye

  1. Blogger Stephanie said:

    I want to see that film!

    Unfortunately we've (U.S.) elected a leader (twice!) from the opposite side of the spectrum. I still can't figure out how this happens...well, I can, but I can't (or choose not to) understand how people can be so short-sighted.

    There was a funny post on a music blog I read about one of the Bush daughters attending a show and the singer (who is outspoken about where he stands on political issues)wondering if he would have said more had he known she was there beforehand. (and perhaps maybe no one told him on purpose...)

    I'm glad you talk about these things, because more people need to speak up (and act! as you do) about these things.

    My impact is 7500 (smaller than average) wow. sorry such a huge comment.

  1. Blogger mosta said:

    Environmentalists have no clue where they should start approaching the issues of the environment and neither do I.

  1. Blogger Tee said:

    Have a good visit. I heard about this movie but have not yet seen it.

  1. Blogger momyblogR said:

    Travel safe. What a great post!

  1. Blogger Nigel Vossap said:

    Found you through Maddy. Thanks for turning everyone's attention to an erstwhile project and an important human being. I don't consider myself an "environmentalist" by any means, but this film certainly makes you think about things in a different light.

  1. Blogger Christopher said:

    I'll check it out.

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