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One shouldn't have to work on Sunday

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mr. C just returned from a walk with our son, and he took my new camera and so also returned with these nice photos. I am stuck in the house desperately trying to meet a deadline. I have until Tuesday to put a presentation together for book marketing reps to explain why the textbook I wrote is better than any of the competition. I'm not convinced that it is. So I am struggling, to say the least. Wish me luck. (Oh, and I wish the weather were piss poor, so I wouldn't have to lament not being able to enjoy the outdoors.)

  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    That always happens since I've started working: it gets really sunny and wonderful on mondays and when the weekend arrives, here comes the rain. I hate deadlines, I always end up doing everything in the last minute. I hope you get some great ideas and it all works out fine. Nice pictures :)

  1. Blogger Expat Traveler said:

    Come over to Vancouver, you'll enjoy pissing rain at least...Beautiful pics. :)

  1. Blogger Gurgo said:

    So all the best for your reprsentation! Good luck!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Huh? Where did all the snow go?

    That's pretty amazing scenery...how far did they walk?!


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    The above is from me! FB

  1. Blogger Chloe said:

    Mr C is a top photographer.
    Your book is better than the competition. I can't imagine anybody being more passionate about their textbooks than you.
    Good luck!

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Devil Mood;
    I hate deadlines and love a rainy day. No great ideas as of yet, but here's hoping!

    Expat traveler;
    Welcome! Pissing rain might be nice. I'll let Mr.C know you liked his pics. :)

    Vielen Dank und ich bin zehr freu, dass ich Deutsch schreiben mit dir Kann!

    Anonymous, I mean fb;
    Why the incognito? The snow all melted away with our extremely warm weather as of late (thank you global warming...) We are suposed to get some snow again tomorrow. I'll be sure to post about it!

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    We are on at the same time; typing together an ocean apart. I will cut and past your words into my presentation! Thanks for the inspiration. xoxoxo to you

  1. Blogger christina said:

    Well that's what marketing is all about, isn't it? Trying to convince the other guy that what you have is what he needs. That's how they sell toothpaste, laundry detergent and geography textbooks. Not that I'm comparing your book to groceries! :-) I'm sure your book is great and you'll do a wonderful job.

    Beautiful photos!

  1. Blogger Connie and Rob said:

    Beautiful pictures your husband took. Hopefully the sun will send you strength to get through your rough task. The way you put your all into everything from your family to your blog I can't imagine that your textbook isn't just top notch!

    I believe in you so now go tell them how great your book is....

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    The problem is that my book is the new one on the market, so being a fan of all things traditional (I would never switch from COlgate to some new toothpaste), I have to convinve book reps that the new book is the better book. IN fact, you've just triggered a spark of an idea. THANKS!

    Between you and Chloe, I will simply cut and paste your comments.
    Thanks! Hope you've had a great weekend.

  1. Blogger vani said:

    wow, what great pics. looks like u live in a beautiful place. :)

  1. Blogger Michelle said:

    Well now, if we are as close as we think we are, you will thrive on trying to complete this presentation in such a short period of time! As much as you loathe it, you secretly love the pressure...brings out the best in you :o)

    You will do famously, have faith....i do.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    It is a blessing to live here.

    Thanks for the support!
    I'll let you kow how it goes. Although I have to submit it on Tuesday, I am not presenting it until late the following week, in Quebec City.

  1. Blogger Stephanie said:

    Good luck with the presentation! (and, of course it is :) No one should have to work on a Sunday :(

  1. Blogger sjobs said:

    Those are beautiful photos....

    The scenery is just breathe taking.

    Good luck with you book....


  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Stephanie and sjobs:
    All the good vibes coming through my computer today have helped me get an entire first draft of the presentation done. I had told Mr.C. that it might take me two hours, and it has taken me most of the day, but there was a little blogging mixed in there as well. Oh well.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    where in canada are u? the pix look gorgeous! :) i have a friend in new foundland n another in winnipeg.

  1. Blogger momyblogR said:

    Great pictures and YES, nobody should have to work on Sunday.

    Not to worry. Your book it much better by FAR!

  1. Blogger Marel Lecone said:

    A big Good Luck on the deadline. I'm sure you'll do great! :) And, really nice pictures. :)

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Outside of Halifax, N.S. One of the most beautiful places on the planet! Where are you?

    You are too sweet.

    Thanks. I got a lot done last night, so I can breath a little easy today. Have a great day.

  1. Blogger Laura:) said:

    Yes, I agree with every very good and interesting pics. Good luck tommorrow!

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Thanks Laura!

  1. Blogger erikku said:

    Work sucks.

    That's all I have to say.

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