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Goodnight Hugs and Kisses

Sunday, October 30, 2005

After goodnight hugs and kisses:
Mom, I don't want it to be tomorrow, cause then it will be all over and a year is a long time to wait for another Halloween.
More love and hugs and kisses to you, my son:)

  1. Blogger Lisaopolis said:

    Yes, but can you smack it down at a Tim Horton's?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I like yours too!
    Big Canada fan here, in fact, I pride myself on freaking out Canadians by wowing them with facts about their country...no one expects it from us, mwhahahahaha! It's really the best form of entertainment on either side (or one of three sides) of whatever one considers to be the best part of N. America, non?

    If you don't have a "Canadian Girls Kick A**" t-shirt, be sure to get yourself one!

    I'm always a bit mystified though at how some Canadians (I'm not saying YOU) define themselves in terms of 'not the U.S." That gets old.

    Although it could be national. Q: "Where are you from?" A: "Well, I'm sure as heck not from Regina."

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    You freaked me out off the bat with the knowledge of Timmies...I don't have a Canadian Girls t-shirt, they all seem to come in the new too tight sizes. Agreed that the not U.S. definition is old. Not from Regina; from the east end of the country. Take care, eh.

  1. Blogger Lisaopolis said:

    My fave Tim Horton's TV ad (as seen on CBC, I am from Washington State originally, so we get B.C. exciting programing like CBC, haha) is the kid backbacking through Europe with his TH to-go mug strapped to his backpack and all the fellow random Canadian travellers recognize it and exclaim "Ah, a taste of home!" or something, and they all bond. It's the new flag patch on the backpack. The ad is so cheesy that it works. I don't think it would fly here though or we'd get busted for being nationalistic freaks (see: Bush).

    My fave thing to ask Canadians is 'So, what's the capital of New Brunswick?" and watch 'em cringe. OK, if you are from NB this is probably not as funny.

    Yes, PhD candidate here, trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Applied Linguistics.

    By the way, the Halloween quote is too cute for words.

  1. Blogger Nancy said:

    It is hard to wait for all the excitement, then it is short lived and we have to wait another year. It is a good lesson to learn, but as we get older time seems to go faster too.

    My 12 year old gets depressed after opening gifts. She feels like it is all over for another year. I tell her that Christmas is not about the gifts, but giving. And that doesn't have to be a once a year thing. To achieve the feeling, give other times a year too. As for the presents, she really doesn't need anything else anyhow.

    The build up that begins before Halloween now, at least in the malls, is what gets the kids all excited and causes a lot of the problem. It is a huge build up, for one day of the year. Not just Christmas either though, all holidays are being ruined by marketing of stuff to purchase, way too early. And, then if you get nothing for these holidays one feels bad, cuz they sell stuff! Wrong, just wrong!

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    I know the commercial you refer to...there's a whole series of corny Tim's commercials. You're probably right about it not lfying in the U.S.
    You're so right. My mother just bought into the whole thing and gave out Halloween gifts last night; good intentions, but adds fuel to the flames of rampant commercialism.

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