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Enough Halloween for Now; Time for a Mental Dump

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The time changed last night. I can't tell you how much this annoys me; change in the spring and then leave it at that. I ranted last fall about this to my students and they challenged me to do something about it; fix it. Like Geraldo thought he could find Osama in a cave; I really thought I could get this changed. It's my motto; it bugs you, then do something about it. I tried. I'm not finished. I started a petition; over 500 signatures. Lots more to do. And a few days before Halloween??? Whoever came up with this didn't have kids. The babe was getting up at 6am; respectable early morning; now 5am; still technically the night. What a difference an hour makes in the life of a babe. Shitty time change. Maybe I can fix this next year. Gotta problem; I like to fix. Maybe I can sign up and go on the next trip to Afghanistan with Geraldo. Looking for Osama; not a problem. I can do that. I have such a self-inflated opinion of myself....

My mother-in-law is on my nerves again; won't drive the half hour to my house; calls and says I have something for the 4 year old; will you come over and get it? This annoys me; hello I have something for you, please come and get it...that's not the way it's supposed to work. I have something for you, I bring it to you. Hello I have a card for you come and get it...never an invite for dinner, although we often invite them. Made them Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks ago. She will have a baggie with a chocolate bar and a tootsie roll; same same same (not to be ungrateful) but really the woman is annoying.

Can not watch CNN or any other American news again. Had to stop watching because the Hurricane coverage was getting to be too much. Now the indictments. Well it took long enough. Why is everyone acting so surprised. The reason why the rest of the sane world didn't enter the war was because there wasn't enough evidence; even the fabricated bits.

And now at the risk of really offending...Evangelical Christians. American politics. The mixture is a toxic soup. A crusade. Preach peace, go to war. Preach inclusion, shun gay marriage. If I were an American, I think I would leave. Or at least do everything in my power to get rid of the Bush regime. Memory failure to be Scooter's likely defense. I think there is a collective memory failure going on in the White House right now. Mr. President, exactly why do you think you were justified in attacking Iraq? .....Well, there were WMDs....Those have been proven to be nonexistent.....Oh, yes, well, there was a nuclear threat....Well, now it appears that was fabricated by your own high level officials.....Yes, well, hmmm....gee, it was a few years ago now, I believe I can't remember. Next question....

The proximity of radical Evangelical Christianity to all of this bothers me. There is no place for the coupling of Church and State. They do not, should not, can not mix.

I would blog about Canadian politics but it's so damn boring....thank God.
Peace visitors.

  1. Blogger Heidi said:

    {{{{{ Cathy}}}} I think u need a hug.

    I would blog about Canadian politics but it's so damn boring....thank God.

    LOL! So true.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Thanks Heidi. Did I ever !:)

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