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All better

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The babe is 100% again. Thank you for your well-wishes. Amazing how quickly little people rebound. If I had been sick like that, I would still be in bed moping and needing to be waited on.
So I am working today (albeit from home)....writing a few strokes of genius. OK, not really, rather writing a few strokes of mediocrity that no one will ever read...

Hi Ho, hi ho....

  1. Blogger christina said:

    Aww, I'm glad he's feeling better. Whatever had had, I think I have it now. Bleh.

    And the last word I would use to describe anything you do would be "mediocre". How about "fabulous" instead. :-)

  1. Blogger Heidi said:

    :) Happy to hear he's feeling better today.

  1. Blogger holy chaos said:

    don't you feel better when your children are better? relieved?? i need a job fromn home! (that i get $$ for) what do you write?

  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    Was that an impression of a dnokey (hi-ho)? You have to try better than that, I don't believe mediocrity could come out of those genious fingers ;)

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    You are fabulous for saying that!

    Thanks! I hope you are feeling better today as well :)

    I write science-academic-stuff for journals and am writing my second book.

    hi ho was in reference to the song by the dwarfs in sleeping beauty as in "off to work I go"....do you know the tune in Portuguese?
    You are so sweet; I hope youa re havinga nice day.

  1. Blogger SkyeBlue2U said:

    Ha ha, I thought it was "I owe I owe". Glad the Babe is feeling better.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Oh, yes, of course, that too....:(

  1. Blogger blackcrag said:

    Every word is golden, my dear.

    If you write the book the way you do the blog, then it will be the most easily-read science text going. Though some readers might get confused when you start talking about Zhouzhou.

    Glad he's feeling better bye the way.

  1. Blogger [eric] said:

    Of course the babe's fine. Kids are more durable than adults in a lot of ways.

    Ah, again with the shiny floor... ^_-

  1. Blogger Pat Paulk said:

    Yes, the little boogers rebound as fast as they get sick.Glad all is better.

  1. Blogger PEA said:

    What a precious picture of him:-) So glad he's feeling better already...yup, if only we could rebound as fast and easily as the little ones do!

  1. Blogger momyblogR said:

    What great picture. So glad to hear he's feeling better.

  1. Blogger vani said:

    awww, i like his little shoes. :)

  1. Blogger green eyed girl on planet earth said:

    so glad to read that your sweetie is up and running , nice to see such a speedy recovery
    take care

  1. Blogger Ben said:

    Sorry I haven't been around the past few days, so I didn't know your little cherub had been poorly sick.

    Glad to hear he's better

  1. Blogger for_the_lonely said:

    So glad that your little boy is feeling all better. It is the pits when they are sick!

    Have a great Thursday!

  1. Blogger sophie said:

    precious little gaffer:)

  1. Blogger Trundling Grunt said:

    Cute dot! They do seem to have such reserves of energy and recovery. Maybe it's because they're so unstressed. In my case - I recover slowly as I'm so bloody old.

  1. Blogger Vesper said:

    so cute!!!

  1. Blogger HORIZON said:

    So glad to hear that your lovely wee man is on the mend- how they manage it, l do not know?? :)
    Hope you and the family continue to keep well now through the winter months ahead. xx

  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    OH! I can't remember the song right now but I think I know which it is...I have to go back to old videos ;)

  1. Blogger Chloe said:

    he is so beautiful. give him a kiss from me. I am glad he is okay now. this little stomach should only be filled with tasty things.

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