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What a difference a day makes...

Monday, February 06, 2006

No photos today. I always like to add my photos because I feel that they are just as much an expression of what I have to say as the words themselves. But alas, there is no photo to describe the events of today. Just words. Plain and simple.

Today....I was lied to. To my face. Blatant, rude and terrible lies. In front of others, which made it worse. My wonderful babysitter called and tells me she has herpes (on her face), which is shingles by another name. She is contagious. No childcare for two weeks, and I have a major Major MAJOR presentation to give at a conference this week. Not to mention the fact that I feel so badly for her to have to go through this. I get a call that the new desk will arrive on Friday and I am so happy by a little bit of bright light in a dark day that I practically scream yes Yes YES deliver to the house on Friday. I hang up the phone and immediately realize that I have a meeting on Friday...a really Really REALLY important meeting. But I have no telephone number for the delivery fellow who just called. Crap.

Monday by another name?....what is the antonym of TGIF? Anybody?...

  1. Blogger Michelle said:

    Oh dear, days like these are sent to try us. The day can only get better, i'm sure everything will work itself out in the end.
    How do people look at others and blatantly lie to their face? Sociopaths i believe is the word.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    I so agree...I actually said the same thing to my husband thie evening. And I have known this person for three years and thought they were normal. or at least relatively normal, and then this. Boom. Explodes in my face. So much for being a good judge of character. I have come to the conclusion that I am a shit judge of sociopaths. And I think James Frey is one now as well. I completely retract any sympathy. Lying is wrong. Period.

  1. Blogger Stephanie said:

    What a bad start to the week :( Hope it gets better. I think the opposite of TGIF involves a string of curse words.

  1. Blogger Alysa said:

    Lies are one of the worst things. I'll kick them for you :)

  1. Blogger JM said:

    Hello, it's an option on Blogrolling. I just hit the option to have everything updated.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    I agree...swear away. Curse a few good ones for me.

    I think we should both kick him; one on either side, repeatedly, in the shins. There, I feel better now:)

    Thanks for letting me know...now I just need to figure out blogrolling. And stop surfing about facial herpes, which may not be shingles after all...you're the md in training....fill me with wisdom! :)

  1. Blogger sjobs said:

    Cathy, I am so sorry... What a terrible way to start the week out. But, hey it can only go up hill from here.

    Keep us posted on the presentation and the desk delivery...


  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    I will keep you informed. And thank you for the moral support. It means a lot, it really does.

  1. Blogger JM said:

    Facial herpes, or herpes type one is like cold sores. It usually occurs in the oral mucosa--it's painful and can last approximately 10 days.
    The person also experiences flu like symptoms.
    Lying is horrific!!

  1. Blogger Meow (aka Connie) said:

    Sorry you are having such a bad start to the week ... do you want my kitty cat picture from my blog ... it said what I felt on Monday !!!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    at least she was being respondsible. Hope things work out for you.

    As for my jewelry it will be nice to sell you soemthing, but don't feel obligated. I understand how things are.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    There is soooo much information about this and so many questions I have...I hear that chicken pox can be caught from this...who knows.
    Thanks for the info.
    She also says she is extremely itchy, which made me think it was facial shingles...

    You are kind; I will visit it again.

    Yes, thankfully she was and it is not like a daycare situation where disease is passed around from child to child. I just hope he doesn't get anything from having been with her last week. Fingers crossed.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Anonymous...noooo it's me, Cathy. Blogger is acting badly again.

  1. Blogger Skye said:

    Late in the evening here, sorry you had crappy day. I think maybe some planterary thing going on, Monday began horrible for me, I even made poor Andrea get out of bed to come help me at work cause co/worker was too busy to come to work!! And then, then even WD-40 couldn't unlock a lock! Hang in there tomorrow will be better. :)

  1. Blogger Mise en Place said:

    Well, you only have a few more days to go....hang in there.

  1. Blogger Jase said:

    Hmmm... Sociopaths don't have the power of empathy and are unable to understand other people's feelings. Lying is something else entirely.

    Just as well on the photos, a bunch coldsnore snaps just wouldn't do it for my artistic sensibilities.

    Don't be angry, it doesn't help. Ask her what the real problem is if you don't think that is the reason. It may be something emotionally painful that she doesn't feel immediately comfortable divulging.

    Alternatively she may just be BS-ing you, in which case you have lost trust in her. It is a big thing to lose a trust and anger is normal if unproductive. I am sorry you are having a bad day, it makes me less happy too, also your prose aren't as good. 8^)

    Anyway, I look forward to many happy posts from you, crafted by hand at your new desk.


  1. Blogger x said:

    i'm sorry Cathy! Being lied to makes you feel stupid. you wonder why you didn't realize sooner. and that's the wrong thing to say to yourself. NOT suspecting, not mistrusting the people around you all the time is actually good. these people make it look bad because they are twisted.

  1. Blogger for_the_lonely said:

    Cripes..what a crappy day. Monday's can be such a bust, huh? I hope that your Tuesday is better! Huge hugs to you!


  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Thank you friends, and here's to a wonderful Tuesday.

    I should have been more clear...the babysitter didn't lie. That was another person. My babysitter is a wonderful woman who would never lie, and certainly not about such a thing. The person who did lie to me has no empathy. I am convinced he's a sociopath. I may tell more eventually.
    Take Care.

  1. Blogger Steve House said:

    I like to think that things are bad when something really good is around the corner.

    Im sure you'll be able to arrange something, Good luck.

  1. Blogger Gurgo said:

    Murphies law! But I am sure you will manage it!
    I would help you, if I could. Unfortunatly is there a small distance to bridge.
    Why don't you send your dwarf here fore some days?

  1. Blogger Berlinbound said:

    Hi Cathy ... I think the antonym is "S.N.A.F.U"... which stands for "situation normal, all f***** up"

    Fell better ...

    And yes, Mami, Mutti & Mama - all of them - read the blog now and then ...


  1. Blogger Heidi said:

    Sorry about your Monday and being lied to. Ugh I can so relate! ..It's Tues and your day will be much better!

    Goodluck on your presentation.

  1. Blogger Eric said:

    Whatever your babysitter's got, it sounds like hell.

    Hope your Tuesday's better for you.

  1. Blogger Foxy said:

    sorry about your bad day- i am a bad judge of sociopaths as well, prolly because i try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt..not always a good thing. hope your week gets better!

  1. Blogger blackcrag said:

    Antonym for TGIF = IHAM (“I’m having a Monday”)

    I’ve noticed you can have a Monday no matter what day of the week it actually is.

    What was the lie? And why don’t you confront the liar by calling the lie? You might not change the end result, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of taking the liar down a peg or three.

    Sociopaths are disconnected from those around them, completely unaware of another’s feelings or the fact those feelings should be considered. Sociopaths are (I believe) a little blurry on right from wrong and can be dangerous. Liars are just selfish.

    The week will get better, and you get your new desk on Friday! Yay!

  1. Blogger Neo said:

    Cathy - Facial Herpes. Hmmmm, guess she won't be getting any dates any time soon huh? LOL

    Good luck with your presentation.

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    So sorry you had such a terrible beginning to the week. There is no excuse for lying. Hope only good things come to you the rest of the week!


  1. Blogger Devil Mood said:

    I'm just hoping that the tuesday is better..it usually is :)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

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