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Nothing in particular

Friday, November 04, 2005

I woke in the night with searing pain.
Pulled muscle in my shoulder. Acting up again. Something to do with an 18 pound 4 month old, I think. I couldn't move. Frozen in pain. Could not pick up the babe or take care of the boys alone today. We made calls. No one could help. Mr. C. had to stay home. He called work and explained. He was supposed to interview someone for a job today. Left them short-staffed. Nothing we could do. Moved back to be close to family and there is none. Went to the doctor and she says I need physiotherapy. When/how am I supposed to fit that in?

I have to go to a conference 2 1/2 hours drive away tomorrow. The suits are starting to ask when I am coming back. The pressure is starting again. A day full of schmoozing. Oh how I am looking forward to it.

Hopefully a peaceful night curled up on the couch with a good movie and popcorn:)

  1. Blogger Mise en Place said:

    Ouch! I know carrying kids kicks booty. UGH! Hope you're feeling better.

    A movie and popcorn sounds great. When does it start? I'll need the late show, lol!

    Have a good one.

  1. Blogger Heidi said:

    {{{{ Hugs}}}} Cathy.. I'm sorry your in pain I hope ur feeling little better..Try to take it easy and relax if u can. Easier said than done I know..lol

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    One child down, one to go. Movie starts in about 1/2 hr...not sure what we're watching yet.
    The subscription the doctor gave me is starting to work. Thank goodness. Hope your tooth is feeling better:)

  1. Blogger x said:

    i'm so sorry Cathy. This is one of the limitations of the internet, you can't really do much for people than say "sorry Cathy". It sucks.
    Get better soon. xxxxx and hugs too.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Thank you. Words count too. I am feeling really well right now. Whoo Hoo painkillers....

  1. Blogger Dr. Deb said:

    Yikes, I can feel your pain!
    And having to drive doesn't help either. Physiotherapy can be really relaxing, at least that's what I found.

    Feel better!

  1. Blogger marellecone said:

    You poor thing--but, you really have to make time for the therapy. It's important. Your health is as important as any job that you or your husband have. I wish their was some way for you to stay home longer--sounds like you could use more time. Take care, Lady. :)

  1. Blogger Michelle said:

    Hope it all heals quickly. Don't over do it. Enjoy your movie and popcorn, you deserve it :)

  1. Blogger missbhavens said:

    Be careful picking up the little ones and anything else, for that matter...and try-try-try to get to that physiotherapy somehow! it will be hard to squeeze it in, but it will help you so much in the long run! Feel better & enjoy the painkillers!

  1. Blogger OhioRuthie said:

    Sounds painful...I hope you have some muscle relaxers...even motrin or naproxin would be good at this point!

  1. Blogger Dr. Deb said:

    Rosie's canada contest is up for Fiddler!!


  1. Blogger christina said:

    Oh no! That's not good at all, especially with no one to cover for you. Hope you feel better really soon.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    I'll be calling about physio tomorrow. And yes, I saw the contest! So exciting!
    We watched "hostage"; with Bruce WIllis; wasn't bad...and feeling better.
    The hardest thing of it all is not picking up the babe. And thanks for the advice.
    I got a prescription, but it makes me feel sick; have to balance it all out; thanks for the advice!
    Thank you and I am feeling better:)

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