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Weather, Shopping, Meetings and Parties

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I still have a lot of Christmas shopping to do. By this time I would usually be finished, but I find it difficult to schlep the babe out in the cold weather and trundle him through the shops. So we are nearing the two week mark and I don't know when I am going to get it done. But I will, I know.

Still no big snow. Just the dusty mold, and that has mostly gone. Boston is getting a storm on Friday (Lucky Stephanie!) and their storms usually hit us a day later or take a turn out to the Atlantic.

I have mixed feelings about this because if we get the storm on Saturday, the roads could be too bad for us to get out and Saturday night is Mr. C's work Christmas party. In some ways I am really looking forward to it, because this would be our first night out (really!) since the babe joined us. On the other hand, well work Christmas parties usually don't do it for me. And, I am faced with wearing the same thing I wore last year, which is never good.

I have been having loads of miscellaneous meetings lately. With students, with researchers, volunteers, etc etc. Some good some bad. Another today; a presentation by a student, guaranteed to bore the skin off me. More schlepping of the babe; to Mr. C while I listen to the student. It would be nice to get some shopping done in the midst of this, but it probably won't happen.

The photo is the original home of the NSS (Chloe). What a typical site in Canada. (no, not the snowman in the window of the shop). Look closer; by my son's foot; the ever present disposable Tim Horton's coffee cup.

  1. Blogger Chloe said:

    Cathy what a lovely shop!
    and your son looks like you a lot!
    Have fun at the party, will you be able to take the camera with you?

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    The shop sells all hand-made crafts and products made in Nova Scotia. It is a lovely shop.
    My son looks a lot like Mr. C, too. But then again, Mr. C and I have been mistakedn for brother and sister because the two of us also look alike!
    I will most definitely take the camera to the party; unsuspecting co-workers!

  1. Blogger erikku said:

    We're supposed to get the storm first, and I must say I can't wait! We still have to do some weather stripping though. The landlord put in some new windows, but they still don't block out the constant wind in this place.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    I hope you get a good storm! And food luck with the weather stripping.

  1. Blogger momyblogR said:

    What a cute picture. Man, it even LOOKS cold. ugh.

  1. Blogger Stephanie said:

    It's all supposed to start right after I get to work tomorrow. The kid in me still hopes for snow days, or at least early office closings. This is the first place I've ever worked that actually does that. Hope it doesn't keep me from the Figgs show though, or you from your Christmas party on Saturday :(

  1. Blogger No_Newz said:

    You'll get it all done. Don't worry. We might get our tree Saturday. Hahaha! It always manages to work out in the end.
    Lois Lane

  1. Blogger vani said:

    nice pic..and yay for a night out- have fun! :)

  1. Blogger vani said:

    nice pic..and yay for a night out- have fun! :)

  1. Blogger SkyeBlue2U said:

    What a darling boy. Have fun at the party, a scarf can change the whole look of any dress. I majored in fashion but I live in jeans forever in blue jeans!

  1. Blogger Tee said:

    Don't worry about wearing the same thing - do people really pay attention to these things??

    Pic didn't show up for me. My connection sucks today...

    We're expecting a few inches of snow tomorrow!

  1. Blogger Heidi said:

    I had to laugh at the Tim Hortons coffee cup on the ground..Since I've been working at the conference It's been coffee and tim bits all week...I'm not even going to glance at my scale..ugh

    Try not to worry about the weather...Maybe it won't be as bad as predicted. Hope you and Mr.C have a great evening tomorrow.

  1. Blogger angel, jr. said:

    Your son looks extremely happy. Is that one of those Build A Bears that he is holding?

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    -8 degrees C today.

    I hope you get a snow day AND get to see the Figgs. Can't wait to hear all about it!

    We are thinking about getting ourtree on Saturday as well. Now I KNOW we will both be posting about that.

    We will have to see about Saturday night. My dad is going to babysit and the weather will have to be good in order for him to be able to drive out.

    A fashion consultant! Yeah, I need you! I was thinking that exact same thing, but broke down and bought a new skirt today; black velvet:)

    You are so right; I tried to think if I could remember anything anyone wore last year and of course I could't, so why would anyone remember what I wore!
    (I bought a new skirt, anyway)

    Heidi and Angel;
    My next post is for the two of you:) Coming soon.....

  1. Blogger Corrina said:

    My little Maeve empathizes with the teething business. I don't get why something so natural should have to hurt so damn much! Poor muchkins!

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