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Check List

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

1. Take car in to garage for servicing. Wait with babe and try to keep him appeased in a cramped waiting room for one hour, but really more likely an hour and a half.

Done. $75.00 later. Guess what? It took an hour and a half. Surprise surprise…

2. Try and find a warm snow-suitish type thing, but yet not a snow suit for the babe(he won't be playing in the stuff this year, just being rid around in it). There is a chance of snow tonight, which means my view from the window could significantly change tomorrow. This will be an expedition in trying to find something that is a. not amazingly puffy and huge; b. not an absurd amount of money; c. something that will fit into his car seat and d. something I think I can stuff him into on a regular basis without him having a meltdown over it and me not wrenching my shoulder over again.

Bought one. It didn’t snow, but it’s coming soon enough. Fulfilled all criteria except b. (of course!). I am the world’s worst sucker for cute children’s clothes. I’ll post a photo soon.

3. Drop into the grandparents. I will not get annoyed today. I will not get annoyed today. I will not get annoyed to day.

Oh mama, did I get annoyed annoyed annoyed. Actually, I just don't want to talk about it:(

4. Pick up 4 year old from Preschool. Babe accosted by filthy fingers. Hope he's had a good day.

4 year old got kicked in the head today (this kind of thing never never happens), Babe spit up on my shoulder, I got a ticket for parking in the visitor parking spot, rather than the parent pick up spot. God damn. I only parked there so I would be closer and not have to schlep the babe too far with my sore shoulder. I am still trying to think of a way to challenge this one.

5. Take both children to Mr. C. Manouveour through the parking garage, elevators, hallways, labyrinth with stroller and strolling child.

Picked him up in the car across the street. Score one point for me.

6. Go to first Red Cross Meeting. Hmm...this will be fun.

Met in the "Emergency Command Centre" Sooo interesting. Canadian Red Cross volunteers who have just returned from Louisiana talked about their experience. There will be lots of training involved, but I am really excited about this. It will be very fulfilling, and there was a room full of like-minded people. Gotta like that!

7. Quickly return home for meeting with the Minister. Our babe is getting baptised on Sunday.

Got home, not quick enough, I think he was annoyed. Sorry, got a full life. Things are in order for Sunday. I just need to buy a cake on Saturday.

8. Watch Amazing Race. Ahhhhh.

It was good, but I fell asleep before the end, because it was two hours long. The crazy family got deleted…

9. Blog a bit. Oh, hello there:)

Love your comments. Fun fun fun. I am addicted. Waiting for the addiction to wear off. Mr. C. makes fun of me. Says fine, just don’t blog about me. I’m blogging about you, I’m blogging about you….

10. Collapse.

That I did. And now I need to tackle all the housework that got ignored yesterday. Ugh.

  1. Blogger Corrina said:

    Cathy, I'm commenting specifically on point three. We're taking our maiden voyage to the inlaws this weekend. A four hour drive with a six month old, only to arrive at the world's most irritating place. Wish me luck.

  1. Blogger riskybiz said:

    Didn't seem so bad, except the kick in the head part. I hate when that happens!

  1. Blogger Michelle said:

    Pooh at no3!
    I hope all goes well on Sunday :)
    LOL@ 9!

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    Some days a kick in the head is the best thing that happens, though....
    Yes, pooh on no3 I agree. I'll let you know about Sunday. Mr. C. read 9 this am and laughed:) He also read #2 and said $75???? oops:)

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