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My Good Friend

Monday, August 20, 2007

P.O.Box 3038
57 Victoria Street,
SW1H London.
My Good Friend,
am Mr Wilson Patel,Can i trust you? In order to transfer out £12.500.000.00 {Twelve Million, Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds} from our Bank. I have the courage to look for a reliable and Honest Person who will be capable for this Important Business Transaction, believing that you will never let me down either now or in Future.
The owner of this account is Mr. David Hagen is a foreigner and the Manager Of petrol chemical service, a chemical engineer by Profession and he died since 1990. The account has no other beneficiary and my Investigation proved to me as well that his company does not know anything about this account.
I want to transfer this money into a
safe foreign account abroad but I Don't know any foreigner, I know that this message will come to you as a surprise as we don't know ourselves before, but be assured that it is real and A Genuine business.I believe in God that you will never let me down in this transaction, at the conclusion of this business, you will be giving 30% of the total amount, 70% will be for me. I look forward to your earliest reply by email for more details.
Warm Regards,
Mr.Wilson Patel

Dear Mr. Patel,
I am not to be trusted. I am neither courageous nor honest. Were you to transfer the funds of the dead (or still dying?) Mr. Hagen, I would swiftly take the full amount and send it immediately to Greenpeace for their oil spill contingency fund. Certainly you should know (as I am your Good Friend) that I would never accept money from a petrochemical "service".

I hope that my decision does not dissuade you from your belief in God, as I am most definitely letting you down in this transaction.
Warm Regards to you,

  1. Blogger Rositta said:

    Hi Cathy, just saw a show on these guys on CNN, seems their investigative reporters tracked these guys down on London where the Police couldn't/wouldn't. They slowly sucked them in and then put them on air, it was downright funny to see the tables turned...ciao

  1. Blogger Chloe said:

    hehe Mr Patel is the name of our newsagent in Richmond. Maybe they are related (joking, my Mr Patel is very sweet). xx

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