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Please get old woman and legless man

Monday, September 12, 2005

From www.nola.com :

On the desk in the [Super]Dome’s office, ransacked by the people seeking shelter in the building, lay a neatly handwritten note on a small piece of folder notebook paper:
“Search and Rescue Team
Please Get
Old woman and legless old man
@ 2432 Ursalines Ave. (N.O.)”

I sit here wondering if someone came to get them. May we always remember what took place. It happened before (Hurricane Georges, 1998), so why were so many sent there again?

  1. Blogger Walter Jeffries said:

    Why does it keep happening? Because people insist on rebuilding and living in places like this. People should not live on mud slides. They should not live in depressions below sea level, especially along the coast, extra especially not in hurricane alley. Frankly even anywhere close to sea level seems foolish to me. They should not rebuild New Orleans with public monies. If foolish private individuals want to do it then it should be their funeral but no federal flood insurance please! No aid. No rescue. Around here you are not supposed to build in the flood zones. That is where the crop lands are so they get fertilized by the annual flooding. Live with nature, not against it.

  1. Blogger Cathy said:

    so true. thanks for the comment.

  1. Blogger missbhavens said:

    Oh, no fair! I'm a northerner (not as far north as Canada...but north enough that I think people who choose to live in the path of natural disaster are really, really, weird). I'll agree that N.O. was a foolish building project from way back, but, Dude, it was waaaaayyyy back! All those displaced (and some now floating dead) people didn't build there! They are the working poor, silly! They rent there! And really, they aren't likely to return because there's nothing to return to. All that federal money will go into a squeaky clean, tourist-friendly, Epcot-style French Quarter instead, you can be sure of that. Very few people will be living in N.O. when all is said and done.

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